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Student Housing Waste Diversion Guide

Go Zero Waste by 2020

See below to Go Zero Waste in the residence halls.

Looking to Go Zero Waste outside of Student Housing? Join the campus waste reduction efforts.

Printable Instructions by Building


ReusablesCollection bins for Reusables are located at the Area Service Desks. Reusable items are donated to the Aggie Reuse Store located on campus in the Memorial Union.

Mixed Recyclables

Mixed recyclablesAll Student Housing areas are collecting recyclables in one bin, which is known as Mixed Recycling. In other words, paper can be put into the same bin as aluminum cans - no need to separate the items.


CardboardCardboard boxes are to be flattened and put in the proper bin – boxes are not to be placed in chutes nor in the Mixed Recyclables toters. Click on area for Cardboard collection bin locations: Cuarto, Segundo, Tercero.

Organic Waste

Organic waste (composting)Centralized yellow toters labeled compost are available to collect Organic Waste that will be sent to a commercial facility to produce compost. Click on area for organic waste collection locations: Cuarto, Segundo, Tercero.

Electronic Waste (eWaste)

Electronic waste (e-waste)Collection bins for eWaste are located at the Area Service Desks.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous wasteUsed Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL’s) can be exchanged at the Area Service Desk.


LandfillWaste that cannot be disposed of in any of the ways above will go in containers marked Landfill.

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