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Cable Television

Student Housing provides its own cable television broadcast. Available in all residence hall rooms and Solano Park Apartments for no additional cost, the cable television broadcast includes an assortment of popular local and cable television channels, and four Student Housing Television (SHTV) channels.

Student Housing Television (SHTV)

SHTV channels broadcast information about student housing and university events, resources and information, and academic programming that compliments particular UC Davis coursework.

Channel Guide

Refer to the Channel Guide for television channels.

Movie Programming

Student Housing provides a movie service, Resident Select, to students who live in the residence halls and Solano Park Apartments. The movie service is not available on SHTV.

Broadcast Specifications

Cable television service is comprised of both analog channels and digital HD (high definition) channels. No cable box is required for analog service, but a "cable-ready" analog tuner, either in a television set or VCR/DVD player, is required to receive the analog stations. A digital tuner, either in a television set or externally, is required to receive the digital signals.