Living-Learning and Shared-Interest Communities

Living-Learning Communities and Shared-Interest Communities are communities within the residence halls that provide an opportunity for students with similar interests to live in the same hall or on the same floor. The communities allow students to enjoy unique activities, as well as more traditional social and recreational opportunities.

Academic and Experiential Education Option

Living-learning communities include an optional academic and/or experiential educational component. In addition to living within the community, residents have the opportunity to participate in a one or two unit seminar typically offered during the fall quarter. Once per week, faculty or staff lead discussions on a variety of topics related to the community. Some communities offer experiential education options which include service or volunteering, field trips, or hands on opportunities to learn more about the community.

How To Apply

Prospective residents who are interested in participating in a living-learning or shared-interest community need to indicate their interest when applying for housing by filling out the appropriate sections of the application.

Course Registration Numbers (CRN) for the optional seminars will be provided during Summer Orientation (by email or from Orientation Leaders) and/or Fall Welcome Week so that students can register for the seminar.

NOTE: students are not guaranteed housing in a living-learning or shared-interest community, and are given consideration based upon the priority they assign to the community in their application relative to other living preferences (gender and occupancy) as well as random lottery number.

The Communities

A variety of living-learning and shared-interest communities are available. Please see the following community listings for more information:

2024-25 Communities 2023-24 Communities