Dining Commons

The dining commons (DCs) are the locations in the residence halls where meals are prepared and served. There are three dining commons facilities at UC Davis, one in each residence hall area (Segundo, Tercero and Cuarto).

Eating at the DC: How It Works

Dining commons are the primary location where residence hall residents eat, but they are also are open to the campus community and the public. Meal plans provide access to all three dining commons. Paying at the door is an option for those without a meal plan.

Meal plans may be used at any DC. For residence hall and The Green residents, this means they may eat at any DC regardless of where they live; this gives residents the option to eat at a DC closest to where their next class is or where their friends or study partners are.

  • Once inside the DC, dining guests may stay as long as they care to—ten minutes or even two hours—and they may choose to eat any of the dishes offered during that particular meal
  • DC meals are all-you-care-to-eat; there is no charge for each dish
  • All food must be consumed within the DC facility, with one exception: guests may take one piece of fruit, a cookie or an ice cream cone with them when they exit the DC


An online menu for the dining commons is published weekly. Refer to the menu to see which dishes will be offered each day. Dishes are also displayed at the entrance of the DC during each meal.

A variety of meals are served every day, including:

  • Vegetarian and vegan dishes
  • Pastas and pizza
  • Sautéed dishes
  • Grilled meat and meat-alternative options
  • Mongolian BBQ
  • Cereal, toast and muffins
  • A full, fresh salad bar
  • An assortment of beverages including several milk and soy drinks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, infused-water and soda
  • Dishes free of all major allergens are served from our Bistro platform at Segundo DC and Tercero DC

Special Dietary Accommodations

Do you need accommodations for food allergies or a health condition? If you live in the residence halls, you can request a dietary accommodation based on your medical needs. Student Housing & Dining Services provides reasonable accommodations to residents with disabilities. Accommodations are given consideration upon request and on a case-by-case basis.

To request a dietary accommodation, and for more information, please visit the Accessible Housing and Dining webpage.