UC Davis Move and Storage Program

In partnership with UC Davis, a move and storage program is now available through Mother Lode.

Students can load and unload container contents, and an on-site campus loading at the residence halls are available. For students not on campus, Mother Lode crew can assist students in loading the container if needed or it can be done in your absence with authorizations in place.

Mother Lode Sample D storage container being packed
Mother Lode Sample D storage container on a pallet
Mother Lode storage containers stored on a pallet rack
Mother Lode and UC Davis moving truck


If you are all packed and ready to go: $599

  • This cost includes pick up, 1 storage container, and 2 months of storage

If you need a crew to pack you up: $675

  • This cost includes the pick-up, up to 8 packing boxes, 1 storage container, and up to 2 months of storage

Schedule Your Move or Storage

To schedule your move or arrange for storage, please contact Mother Lode Van & Storage: