Special Dietary Accommodations

It is our mission to provide a dining experience that is the least stressful and most enjoyable part of our students' day. To that end, we strive to create a spontaneous dining experience that accommodates all dietary needs. Students with questions or concerns about their meal options are encouraged to communicate often with our culinary staff, managers, and accommodations specialists. Each student determines their own level of comfort when making selections in the dining commons.

Nutrition information and ingredients for options served in the dining commons can be found in our Online Menu. All foods are labeled to indicate the presence of the eight major allergens as recognized by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. In addition, we also label to indicate the presence of gluten, sesame, alcohol, mushrooms, and coconut.

Example of labeling in the dining commons: Aggie Burger signage

While many of our dining commons menu options are made without gluten-containing ingredients, we cannot guarantee these foods have been prepared in an area free of cross-contact with gluten. If you are a student with a diagnosed gluten allergy or Celiac Disease and currently have a meal plan, please see the section below on severe food allergies and other restrictions.

Additionally, we offer a variety of Vegetarian, Vegan, and Halal menu options. Look for these icons to identify foods that fit your eating patterns:


VegetarianIdentifies recipes that contain no meat, fish, or poultry. These recipes may contain cheese, egg, or other animal products.


VeganIdentifies recipes that contain no meat, fish, poultry, as well as animal products.


HalalIdentifies recipes with Zabiha meat that follow the guidelines of Islamic Law. These recipes also contain no gelatin or alcohol.


NourishIdentifies recipes that nourish the mind and body (learn more about Nourish here).

If you are a student that follows a strictly kosher diet and currently have a meal plan, please see the section below on severe food allergies and other restrictions.

For Severe Food Allergies and Other Food Restrictions

We take special efforts to serve students with medically-necessary food restrictions. All students requesting a special dietary accommodations beyond what is indicated by signage must submit a Disability Disclosure Form, available on the Special Accommodations webpage, through Student Housing & Dining Services. Students may later be asked to submit documentation of medical need. Once approved, a one-on-one appointment with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will be scheduled to discuss the student's needs and how to navigate the dining options.

Nutrition Education

To learn about upcoming events and tips on eating well, sign up for our Sustainability & Nutrition newsletter!

Nutrition Support

For general nutrition assistance related to eating in our dining commons, email Student Housing and Dining Services.