Student Housing and Dining Services is conducting on-site interviews for specific positions. Submit an application in advance of the Career Fair for each desired position to participate in interviews. Additional information about the process will be provided following an RSVP.

Location and Time

The Career Fair is in the Wall Hall Lounge on August 7, 2024 from 10 AM–4 PM.

RSVP for the Career Fair

RSVP now for the Career Fair.

Available Positions

Go to the Career Employment Opportunities webpage to see all of our open positions.


Positions include the following benefits:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Retirement/Savings Plan
  • Vacation and Sick Leave
  • Competitive Starting Salary
  • Development Opportunity/Opportunity to Grow

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Aggie Cash

Aggie Cash is a declining balance (debit) account students, faculty and staff use to purchase food at UC Davis Dining Services locations.

Aggie Cash and Residential Meal Plans

Aggie Cash is included with every Residential Meal Plan.

Buy Aggie Cash

Aggie Cash is available to everyone: all students, faculty, staff and the general community may purchase Aggie Cash.

How Aggie Cash Works

Aggie Cash account holders make purchases at on-campus retail food locations using their AggieCard just as one would using a bank debit card. Balance transactions are deducted from the Aggie Cash account, until the account is exhausted.

Aggie Cash:

  • Transforms the AggieCard (UC Davis ID card) into a debit card with a finite amount of available funds
    • Convenient - one card "does it all"
    • Safer than bank cards and credit cards
  • Is accepted at many on-campus dining locations
  • Decreases the need to carry cash
  • Purchases made by students are tax-exempt
  • Purchases receive a 10% discount at most locations
  • Balances roll over quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year
  • Automatically included with residence hall or SHA meal plans and optionally available in any amount without a residence hall or SHA meal plan
  • Aggie Cash may be added to the AggieCard throughout the year
  • Aggie Cash cards are deactivated after 12 consecutive months of non-use

Canceling a Residential Meal Plan during the academic year also expires any remaining Aggie Cash included in the plan at the time of cancelling; the Aggie cash does not roll over and is not refundable.

Where Aggie Cash Can Be Used

See the list below to see where Aggie Cash can be used.

Locations Where to Find Them
California Coffee* Next to California Hall
Concessions* Aggie Stadium
Cuarto Dining Commons*  
Cuarto Market* Next to the Cuarto Dining Commons
The Gunrock* Next to The Silo
King Hall Coffee* Next to King Hall
Latitude Restaurant* Next to Tercero Residence Halls
Latitude Market* Next to Tercero Residence Halls
Peet's Coffee at the ARC* Inside the ARC
Peet's Coffee at the Silo* Inside The Silo
Sage Street Market | Cafe* Corner of Sage Street and Jade Street, In West Village
Scrubs Cafe* In the Health Sciences District
Segundo Dining Commons*  
Segundo Market* Next to the Segundo Services Center
Silo Market* Next to The Silo
Spokes Cafe* Inside The Silo
Tercero Dining Commons*  
Tercero Market* Next to the Tercero Services Center and DC
ASUCD Coffee House Inside the Memorial Union
Campus Food Trucks+ At various food truck corrales on campus
La Crepe Bistro Inside The Silo

* Receive a 10% discount when using Aggie Cash at these locations.

+ Receive a 10% discount at participating food trucks when using Aggie Cash.

Aggie Cash is not accepted at UC Davis Stores.