About Student Housing and Dining Services

Alder Hall in the Segundo residence hall area

Department Profile

Student Housing and Dining Services (SHDS) is a department and an auxiliary enterprise within the division of Student Affairs at UC Davis. Student Housing and Dining Services provides the following primary services to the UC Davis community:

  • housing services for UC Davis students and families,
  • dining services for UC Davis students and the campus community,
  • and support services that facilitate a successful transition into the UC Davis community while fostering development of ongoing learning and life-skills.

These primary services are guided by the department’s foundational Statements: Vision Statement | Unit Mission Statements | Statement of Ethics | Core Values.

Housing Services

We provide housing and dining to approximately 15,000* undergraduate, graduate, and students with families who live in on-campus residential facilities (university owner/managed and Public-Private-Partnerships). Learn more about UC Davis Public Private Partnerships (P3).

*15,000 is the anticipated population for fall quarter 2021.

Dining Services

We serve approximately 20,000 meals a day via a dining portfolio that includes residential (4 dining commons), retail (5 restaurants, 7 markets, 5 coffee shops, food trucks), culinary and catering services, and offers a range of meal plans. Dining Services also has responsibility for concessions and vending. Learn more about Dining Services.

Support Services

We provide student support and conference housing services to the campus and general community.


We are structured and organized into 6 units with supporting 23 sub-units. The six units are as follows:

  • Business and Financial Services (BFS)
  • Dining Services (DS)
  • Facilities Services (FS)
  • Inclusion and Organizational Development (IOD)
  • Office of Student Development (OSD)
  • Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS)


We employ 1387 staff**:

  • 324 Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
  • 266 Part Time Equivalent (PTE)+
  • 797 Student staff

**Staff data as of January 2021.

+PTE refers to employees who work full-time during the academic year but may be furloughed over summer per their contract.


We own and operate more than 100 residential, dining and administrative buildings totalling 1,945,134 gross square feet (expected in fall 2021 with the opening of Shasta Hall).

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