Aggie Swipe Plus Meal Plans

Aggie Swipe Plus is a flexible meal plan. It will provide you access to the Dining Commons and Latitude Restaurant, just like our Aggie Block plans in prior years, but you get to customize it to fit your needs.

Aggie Swipe Plus Meal Plan is available to the UC Davis Community and the public, and your swipes do not expire year after year.

Purchase As Many or Few as You Wish, Only $11.50 Per Meal!

Aggie Swipe Plus is basically a build-your-own-meal-plan. You decide how many meals ("swipes") you want and purchase them for only $11.50 each. If you run out, you can purchase more. Want to purchase a few each month to help you budget? Don't want to purchase more in a quarter than you'll use? Want to buy them all now and have them available all year? Aggie Swipe Plus can do it all.

Aggie Cash Available As An Add-On

Aggie Cash is not included with Aggie Swipe Plus and instead is available for purchase on its own! This way, you truly can build-your-own-meal-plan. Decide how many swipes to buy and decide how much Aggie Cash to buy, and access them all from your AggieCard!

All Aggie Swipe Plus meal plans include:

  • Access to all three dining commons (Cuarto DC, Segundo DC and Tercero DC)
  • Access to Latitude Restaurant
  • Healthy, well-balanced meals in any of the resident dining rooms
  • Unlimited seconds at all meals
  • Rollovers of your meal balance from year to year (while actively enrolled at UC Davis)
  • Spectacular service from culinary professionals

The Aggie Swipe Plus meal plan program replaces the Aggie Block meal plan program. Those who previously purchased Aggie Block meal plans may continue to use their meal plans in the DCs and Latitude just as before; while Aggie Block meal plans are no longer available for purchase, they do not expire and continue to be valid in all DCs and Latitude.