Residential Meal Plans

Two meal plans are available for students who live in the residence halls and transfer student apartment communities, and a third meal plan is available exclusively to students living in transfer student apartment communities. Every meal plan provides access to all three dining commons and Latitude and includes $200 in Aggie Cash per quarter to be spent at a variety of campus dining and coffee locations. A Residential Meal Plan is included in every residence hall contract; Residential Meal Plans are optional and may be added to transfer apartments contracts.

5-Day Plan

Enjoy unlimited access to all three dining commons and Latitude, five days a week.

Choose between Sunday through Thursday access and Monday through Friday access.

7-Day Plan

Enjoy unlimited access to all three dining commons and Latitude, seven days a week.

9-Meals-A-Week Plan

Enjoy up to nine (9) meals each week, on any day and at any meal period, in any of the three dining commons and Latitude.

Available exclusively with a transfer apartments contract. A week is Monday through Sunday; meals do not roll over from week to week and expire every Sunday night.


Residence Hall and Student Housing Apartments fees ("room and board") include the fees for the meal plans. Rates are organized by room-occupancy and meal plan choice and are available online.

Changing Meal Plans

Residents may change their meal plans at scheduled "meal plan change periods" during the academic year. See Changing Meal Plans for more information and instructions.

Bringing Guests

Residents may bring guests. Aggie Cash may be used to pay for guest access, and guests can pay with cash or credit cards at entry.

Residents MUST remain with their guests when eating in the dining commons.