Housing Contract Cancellation Policy

Per the Residence Hall and Student Housing Apartment (SHA) Conditions of Contract, a student may terminate their Housing Contract for one of the following reasons:

  • Student is denied admission to UC Davis (or admission is rescinded)
  • Student graduates, transfers to another campus, is dismissed, participates in the Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP), participates in the Education Abroad Program (EAP), or withdraws from UC Davis
  • Student is admitted to UC Davis but fails to register for classes (or cancels registration)
  • Student presents proof of marriage occurring during the term of their Housing Contract
  • Student obtains approval from the Assistant Director of Residential Services after receipt and review of a Request for Contract Release (see instructions below)

Request for Contract Release

Residents who wish to cancel their contract but will remain enrolled at the university, or for any other reason other than listed above, must submit a Request for Contract Release.

For further information, download and read the full UC Davis Student Housing and Dining Services Contract Cancellation Policy (pdf).