Housing Contract Cancellation Policy

Prior to Cancellation Deadline

The Contract is effective as of the Date of Execution as specified in Part II of the Contract. Cancellation deadlines are included in the Contract. Students requesting a contract cancellation by the deadline are responsible for the cancellation fee unless otherwise noted. Any reservation fee paid will apply towards the cancellation fee.

Students not subject to the cancellation fee include:

  • Students requesting a cancellation while on the housing paid waitlist.
  • Students with incomplete or unsigned housing contracts

After Cancellation Deadline, or After Contract Start Date

The Contract is effective as of the Date of Execution as specified in Part II of the Contract. Students requesting a contract cancellation are responsible for the cancellation fee in addition to applicable housing fees (room and board) whether they take possession of the contracted room or not.

Cancellations will be granted approval in cases where the student:

  • transfers to another campus, is dismissed or withdraws from the University, participates in the Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP), participates in Education Abroad Program (EAP), or graduates
  • is denied admission to UC Davis (or admission is rescinded)
  • fails to register (by campus deadline), cancels registration, or defers registration to a future quarter
  • presents proof of marriage occurring during the term of their Housing Contract
  • participates in a campus supported internship experience such as the UC Washington (UCDC) and UC Sacramento Center (UCSC) programs or Quarter at Aggie Square
  • ability to travel is prohibited due to VISA or other international travel restrictions.

Student status must be verified by Student Housing and Dining Services before granting a cancellation. Students may also be asked to provide supporting documentation for verification purposes.

EXCEPTIONS: Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of Student Housing and Dining Services. In addition to the reasons noted above, unusual, and compelling circumstances including financial and medical hardship, may justify consideration for cancellation and must include documentation. Cancellation requests are not approved when students remain enrolled but wish to move off campus. Submission of a cancellation request does not constitute approval.

Definition of Terms

Cancellation Deadline – The deadline for students to cancel their housing application. Students may be permitted to cancel after the deadline for one of the approved reasons noted in the contract.

Cancellation Fee – A cancellation fee is charged to a student's account when an executed contract is ended prior to the contract end date. Students can find the fee amount and terms in their contract.

Contract Start Date - The day the contract officially begins typically on or near the move-in date.

Date of Execution – The date of execution is when the application is completed, and the contract is signed. Once executed, students will be held to the terms of the contract, financial or otherwise.

For further information about the cancellation process, download and read the full UC Davis Student Housing and Dining Services Contract Cancellation Policy (pdf).