Housing at UC Davis

University Housing

Student Housing and Dining Services operates two types of housing: residence halls and apartments. Each residential area has its own unique character, helping residents to create a diverse and exciting community. All Student Housing and Dining Services buildings are located on university property, and all except the Cuarto area residence halls are located on the main campus.

P3 Housing

Privately-owned and/or operated apartment communities, as well as cooperative communities, are also available on campus. These communities are operated by private management in accordance with "Private-Public Partnership" (P3) agreements with UC Davis. (P3 communities are not owned or operated by UC Davis. Contract and lease agreements are made with the P3 entity, not with UC Davis. Financial aid awards may be different when compared to financial aid awarded when living in university-owned housing..)

Capital Projects

In response to many variables, including increased enrollment, changing priorities, building maintenance, and environmental responsibility, Student Housing continuously explores new developmental possibilities. Several Capital Projects are currently under way. Project scope may range from improvements for existing buildings to further development and expansion of housing facilities.