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Project Compost

Project Compost is a subunit of Campus Center for the Environment (CCE), a student-run, student-funded unit of the Associated Students of the University of California, Davis (ASUCD) that started in fall of 1999 from an internship with the campus recycling program. In fall 2001, Project Compost became an official unit and merged with CCE in 2015.

Project Compost pick-ups pre-consumer organic waste from the ASUCD Coffee House, the Pomology Department, the Bowley greenhouse, the Botanical Conservatory, the Salad Bowl Garden, Briggs Hall and several other locations on campus. In spring 2018, they added Scrubs Café to their route. Student staff and volunteers of Project Compost collect about 1 ton of compostable organic matter per week across campus that is taken to a Windrow compost pile at the Student Farm to be used to create compost. Student staff and volunteers maintain the compost pile by watering it and turning it weekly using a windrow turner tractor attachment. Compost is sold to the campus, including for use at the Resident Garden @ Segundo, and to the larger Davis community.