Printing in Residential Computer Centers

Student Housing provides access to printers for residence hall students through the residence hall computer centers.

250 Pages Per Quarter

In order to encourage responsible printing, reduce paper waste, and control costs, Student Housing has established a printing quota for all printing in the computer centers. Residence hall students may print up to 250 pages using printers in the computer centers each quarter.

Here are some tips to avoid wasting printed pages:

  • Print in duplex rather than single-sided; instructions for printing in duplex are listed under item #8 on the Top 10 List posted beside each workstation in the computer center
  • Do not print entire texts or voluminous class materials; consider saving and reading them electronically or acquiring copies from the professor or through the Bookstore
  • Do not print to make copies; use a copy machine instead
  • Print for your personal use only; do not print pages for others’ benefit

Residents who need to print more than 250 pages in a quarter may request an increase to their printing quotas. Requests may be made once per quarter and, if approved, quotas may be increased up to a maximum of an additional 100 pages.

Printing in Campus Computer Labs

Students can also print at campus computer labs, which are operated by Information and Education Technology (IET). However, please be aware that IET charges for printing. Printing rates are published on the IET Computer Room Printing Policies webpage.