Computer Resources

The resources on this page are provided to assist UC Davis Student Housing residents in setting up their computers for ResNet access and self-diagnosing problems. Residents experiencing network or other computer problems should contact the IT Express Computing Help Desk for assistance.

ResNet users are reminded that the UC Davis network is continually scanned for known computer viruses and other threats to the network. Infected computers are shut down at their port connections whenever a threat is detected, regardless of whether the threat is intentional or not, for the safety of the entire network. You can avoid the inconvenience of a port shutdown by following recommended security protocols regularly; if you suspect your port has been disconnected as a result of a security threat or other illegal activity, please contact UC Davis' Network Operations Center for confirmation.

Campus Resources

Consumer Resources

The commercial resources on this page are provided for informational purposes only and should neither be considered exhaustive, exclusive, nor an endorsement of any vendors listed; use of the information is strictly voluntary and at the user's sole risk.

Local Vendors

  • Baytel
  • Heron Technologies
    • 1970 5th Street, Suite A
    • Davis, CA 95616
    • 530-759-0134
    • Fax: 530/759-0326
  • R & R Computers
    • 680 Cottonwood St., Suite B
    • Woodland, CA 95776
    • 530-668-0793
  • T & D Computer
    • 10 N. East Street, Suite 102
    • Woodland, CA 95776
    • 530-668-0187
  • Tripp K Computer Consulting
    • 327 College, Suite 210
    • Woodland, CA 95695
    • 530-753-8205
  • Pacific Consulting, Inc
    • 1285 Stratford, Suite G-289
    • Dixon, CA 95620
    • 530-848-7669

Non-Local Vendors & Network Card Manufacturers

If your product was not listed here, check your manuals from the product for a web address or a technical support phone number.