Ethernet Cable

You must have a 10base-T Ethernet cable to connect your computer's NIC to the data wall jack in your residence hall room. A standard 10base-T cable has an RJ-45 modular clip at each end. A Category 5 cable (cat5 or cat5e) works well on ResNet. Cat6 and cat7 cables are also available and they work well, too, but they cost more without providing any additional benefit on ResNet. The recommended length is about 15 feet. It is easy to confuse a 10base-T cable with a regular telephone cable. A 10base-T cable has wider clips with 8 tiny metal conductors, compared to the 4 tiny metal conductors for a telephone cable. A regular telephone cable will not work in place of a 10base-T cable.

Photo: Category 5 10base-T ethernet cable and a telephone RJ11 cable