Drop off your completed passport book at any Area Service Desk November 30–December 15, 2023 for a chance to win.


Return your completely stamped passport by December 15th, 2023 to be entered in to win up to $500 in Aggie Cash. The first 1000 students to return their stamped passports will get a custom-made sticker.

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Order Online Using GET

Online ordering is available for Peet's at the Silo. GET is not currently available at our other locations.

GET application logo

Where to use GET

How to Log In to GET

How to Pay using GET

GET accepts Aggie Cash and Aggie Cash+ payments.

Aggie Cash

Aggie Cash is included in all residential meal plans. Aggie Cash+ plans are available to purchase from Dining Services.

Additional methods of payment, including credit cards and cash, are available when ordering in person.

How to Check Your Account Balance

Click "Accounts" in the main navigation to access your account balances.

Click 'Accounts' in the main navigation

Important: you must have an active Aggie Cash account to use GET. If you do not have an active Aggie Cash account, GET will return an error message when you attempt to log in. To set up an Aggie Cash account, please contact the Dining Services Meal Card Office.

How to Place an Order

Click "Order" in the main navigation

Click 'Order' in the main navigation

Select "Order" under "Coffee Silo"

Select 'Order' under 'Coffee Silo'

Select "Pick Up" and then either "Now", or "Later" for a later pick-up time

Select 'Pickup' and then either 'Now' or 'Later'

Follow the prompts to select and customize your drink

Customize your drink

When you are finished customizing your drink, update "Quantity" (if needed) and click "Add Item"; repeat for additional drinks

Update 'Quantity' (if needed) and click 'Add Item'

To check out, click "My Cart"

Click 'My Cart'

From the Check Out page, use the drop-down arrow under "Cashless" to select either Aggie Cash or Aggie Cash+, and then select "Pay Now" to pay and submit your order

Confirm and pay for your order on the 'Check Out' page

You will receive your order confirmation, including your order description, order number, and pick-up location and time

Receive your order confirmation