About The Diversity Calendar


The following calendar lists holidays and celebrations that are not traditionally celebrated in American culture, but that many of our students celebrate. As leaders and programmers, we can recognize some of these days to celebrate the diversity of our students and educate each other. This calendar may require that you research a day of interest in order to write a newsletter article, have a special monotony breaker, or plan an educational program. We have included many holidays for which we have incomplete descriptions and encourage you and our residents to help us improve next year’s calendar by submitting more complete descriptions for any observance. Because this calendar is just a beginning, the Residential Education staff would be extremely grateful if you forwarded the results of your research and the dates of any additional holidays to our office. Please call (530) 752-1736 or e-mail studenthousing@ucdavis.edu with any updates or suggestions.

Different cultures define the beginning of the year in various ways. The Gregorian calendar, with which many of us are familiar, starts the year with the month of January and defines a year as twelve months, or 365 days, with a day added in February every fourth year. Other cultures begin the year at other times. For example, Tishri is the first month of the Jewish Calendar. The number naming the year also differs. The Gregorian calendar defines years beginning with the birth of Jesus. However, the Jewish calendar counts years from the time established in the fourth century as the date of the creation of the world. Muslims count years from the flight of the Prophet Mohammed from Mecca to Medina. Hindus count years from the Saka era of Emperor Salivahana. Many other cultures use a lunar calendar, with dates of religious observance varying from year to year on the Gregorian calendar

Legend - The Calendar Categories

Events included in the Diversity Calendar are divided into 14 categories plus a 15th category for UC Davis dates, which are displayed in the Diversity Calendar as 15 individual calendars. Any of these individual calendars may be turned on or off (viewable or hidden) via a drop-down checkbox available at the top-right of the calendar interface. The default view for all 14 calendars is "on" (viewable).

The categories are:

  • Awareness
  • Cultural
  • Firsts
  • General Knowledge
  • Historic Moments
  • In Memory Of...
  • Independence/National Days
  • Language of the Month
  • Legislative Action
  • Memorial
  • New Year Celebrations
  • Peace
  • People
  • Spiritual
  • UC Davis Academic & Administrative

Language of the Month

Each month of the Diversity Calendar celebrates a different language: September: Spanish; October: Cherokee; November: Swahili; December: Farsi; January: German; February: Mandarin; March: Hawaiian; April: Russian; May: Norwegian; June: Indonesian; July: Greek; and August: French.

In honor of the Language of the Month, the current date (weekday, month and date) is listed above the calendar in that month's celebrated language.


The Office of Student Development acknowledges the efforts of many staff and students for their valuable contribution in making this publication:

Daniel Bayless, Shaundra Brown, Katelynn Burmark, Alexandra Catron, Sui-Lin Cheong, Rose Cholewinski, Chris Fallon, Sue Franck, Lynn Fowler-Huneke, Lyre Halprin, Stacy Harriman, Emily Hollisten, Stephanie Hubbard, Chuck Huneke, Fary Koh, Josh Lee, Mimi Lee, Barry Myles, Anna Ortiz, Lisa Papagni, Marciano Perez, Donelle Perkins, Rich Rocheleau, Linda Rodden, Richard Ronquillo, Emily Rostel, Karen Roth, Lauren Roth, Nina Suzuki, Tonia Teresh, Mary Vasquez, Catrina Wagner, Jennifer Weller

The Office of Student Development, Student Housing, University California, Davis thanks all staff for their contribution in revising this publication. Their research and assistance have been invaluable. © 2009-2010


Many resources were used in the compilation of the Diversity Calendar; their websites are listed on the References webpage.