Application Process: Solano Park Apartments

To apply for Solano Park Apartments, fill out the Family and Graduate Housing Application, which is available under the "Family and Graduate Housing" tab on the Contracts and Lease Forms webpage.

Be sure to:

  • Read the application for complete instructions
  • Read the Sample Lease*
  • Read the Lease Terms, Conditions and Regulations documents*
  • Read the Guide to Family and Graduate Housing documents*
  • Fill out the application completely
  • Submit the application with the non-refundable application fee (see the application for fee amount and submission instructions)
  • Applicants will be notified when an apartment becomes available

Please note: submitting a housing application does not guarantee housing will be available.

*These documents are also available under the "Family and Graduate Housing" tab on the Contracts and Lease Forms webpage.

How the Process Works

  1. Upon receipt of an application, Student Housing places the applicant on a waiting list
  2. When an applicant's application reaches the top of the waiting list based on priority, the date/time it was received, AND an apartment is available, the Solano Park Representative will make an offer of housing
  3. Offers are sent by email
  4. Applicants will be given 2 business days to respond to a housing offer:
    • If an applicant accepts a housing offer, a lease signing appointment will be scheduled (see application for details)
    • If an applicant declines a housing offer:
      • When an applicant declines their first offer, their application date/time will remain unchanged and they will be emailed asking for a new desired move-in month
      • When an applicant declines their third offer, the applicant must re-apply
    • If the applicant fails to respond to an offer by the deadline, their application will be cancelled
  5. If an applicant does not receive a lease offer for their desired move in month, they will be emailed asking for a new desired move-in month

Who May Apply and When

Applications are accepted at any time during the year. Incoming and current UC Davis students may apply for an apartment.

Two-bedroom apartments are prioritized for Student families - students with children and married students as well as two student roommates with one student as the leaseholder. Single graduate and undergraduate students are restricted to 1 bedroom units unless they have an eligible student roommate (additional adult occupant).

Applicants who are not yet enrolled at UC Davis are encouraged to apply for housing before admission is confirmed; applications are not lease agreements and applicants are not required to accept a lease offer. However, applicants must be enrolled as full-time students (12 units or more) at the university in order to take possession of an apartment, and residents must maintain full-time status at the university to continue to reside at Solano Park apartments.

Refer to General Information About The Lease for a lease overview. However, be sure to read the entire lease before agreeing to it.

Eligibility and Waiting List

While Solano Park's first priority is to house students with children, Student Housing supports the university’s commitment to provide campus housing to all eligible students. The estimated waiting periods listed below may vary depending upon number of applicants on each waiting list, time of year and number of vacancies available in each complex.

Waiting List Waiting Period
Priority 1: Students with children 0-6 months
Priority 2: Married students and domestic partnerships 0-6 months
Priority 3: Graduate students without children 6-9 months
Priority 4: Undergraduate students without children 6-12 months

The waiting list is prioritized using the above eligibility requirements in conjunction with the date the application was filed and as space allows. Waiting periods can exceed 6 - 9 months depending on availability and the applicant's location on the waiting list. See the application for complete details.

Cancellation Process

Refer to the Cancellation Process for information about canceling an application or lease, including how to file an Appeal for Contract Release.