Housing Application Waitlist Process
for the Residence Halls and The Green at West Village

Welcome to the Student Housing and Dining Services waitlist process for the Residence Halls and apartments at The Green. We understand that securing on-campus housing is a crucial aspect of your college experience. Here's an overview of what to expect when you find yourself on our housing waitlist:

Understanding the Waitlist

If you've submitted your housing application after the deadline, you may find yourself placed on the waitlist. Housing deadlines can vary depending on the housing you are applying for and your student status, such as first year student, continuing or returning resident.

Confirmation of Waitlist Status

You'll receive an email confirmation of your waitlist status if your application was submitted after the deadline. You will also see confirmation on the Application Status page that you are on the waitlist.

Communication on Status and Offer

Upon being placed on the waitlist, you will receive monthly updates, beginning from the time you are placed on the waitlist through when the upcoming quarter begins. During the final month leading up to the quarter, you will receive weekly email updates regarding your status.

When a space becomes available, you are notified via email. You will be instructed to access the myHousing Portal to either accept or decline the waitlist offer. You will have 72-hours to make your decision.

Accepting or Declining Offers

Once you are notified that space has become available, you have 72-hours to make your decision. If you choose to accept the offer, thereby securing housing, you will promptly receive an email confirmation of your housing. If you decide to decline the offer, you will have the option to cancel your application. If you take no action within the 72-hours, you will be moved to the end of the waitlist for a future opportunity.

Waitlist Position

Students on the waitlist are not assigned a specific waitlist number. The waitlist offers are determined based on the available space, the housing type, and gender identity of the available space. Returning residents at The Green are offered housing on a first-come, first-eligible basis.

Roommate Search and Groups

If you're offered off the waitlist before the roommate search deadline, you can participate in roommate search. However, if the offer comes after the deadline, you won't be able to participate in roommate search, and assignments will be based on available space.

Fees and Responsibilities

There might be a Housing Reservation Fee required before completing your application. If you cancel your application while on the waitlist, any fees paid will be released back to your student account. If you accept a waitlist offer, any Housing Reservation Fees paid will be applied to your Fall quarter Housing. Please be aware of the cancellation terms of the contract once an offer is accepted.