Moving Out of the Residence Halls

Move-out instructions vary based upon whether a student is moving out at the end of their contract or during the contract. Information for both scenarios are listed below; refer to the appropriate one.

Moove-Out at End of Contract (end of spring quarter 2024)

The residence hall Contract Terms, Conditions and Regulations states students must completely move out within 24 hours of their last final but no later than 7 PM on Thursday, June 13, 2024, whichever comes first.

Notification of Move-Out Process

All residence hall students will receive email with move-out-specific information as follows:

  • Move-Out Letter (coming soon)
  • Move-Out Information (available end-of-May)
  • Move-Out Checklist (available June 3)

Move-Out Checklist

Please follow all check out instructions below to avoid charges including a $75.00 improper check out fee

  • Update your address:
    • in SISWEB to a valid United States address so we are able to forward USPS mail and packages to you
    • with online companies such as Amazon, Target, etc.; please notify magazine, newspaper companies and all other agencies of your new address via their website or by calling them directly
  • RETURN PHYSICAL KEYS and temporary/lockout cards to your Area Service Desk
  • Empty your mailbox and pick up your packages from your Area Service Desk.
  • Your bicycle must be removed from the residence hall area and all campus grounds. Remaining bicycles will be impounded and owners may be charged an impound fee and/or an improper checkout fee. Note that there is no guarantee that an impounded bike will be returned to you.
  • Submit any necessary service requests via your myHousing channel. Submission of service requests does not absolve you of charges if repairs are a result of damages.
  • Return any borrowed plates, reusable containers, dishes, cups and silverware directly to the dining commons.
  • Remove everything from doors, walls, ceilings, closets, furniture, tack boards, and windows; remove all of your items from bathrooms/restrooms.
  • Ensure that window screens are installed properly and close windows/blinds/drapes and turn off your thermostat.
  • Room furniture, including bed, should be left as is; leave bed ladders in room.
  • Gently used household, clothing items, and unopened non-perishable foods may be donated during finals week. Visit the Aggies Give & Go webpage for details.
  • Remove debris and waste, including unwanted items in closets and drawers. Refer to the Waste Diversion Guides to properly sort and dispose of waste.
  • Dust and vacuum room. Dispose of dirt properly leaving hallways outside of your room clean.
  • MICROFRIDGE RENTALS: Remove all food and clean the refrigerator and microwave; leave the Microfridges plugged in when you move out.

Checkout Information by Area


All Residence Halls
  • Segundo Parking Map (coming soon)
  • Segundo Information (coming soon)
  • Segundo Checklist (coming soon)


All Residence Halls
  • Tercero Parking Map (coming soon)
  • Tercero Information (coming soon)
  • Tercero Checklist (coming soon)


All Residence Halls
  • Segundo Parking Map (coming soon)
  • Cuarto Information (coming soon)
  • Cuarto Checklist (coming soon)

Parking on Campus


All Residence Halls


All Residence Halls


All Residence Halls

UC Davis uses the ParkMobile app to allow you to locate and pay for parking from your phone. For more information about ParkMobile, please visit

Late Move-Out Requests

Students with extenuating circumstances may apply for an exception to the move-out deadline of June 13, 2024 at 7 PM

  • If you have an extenuating circumstance or hardship (such as a a late final on the evening Thursday, June 13, limited international travel options or commencement ceremony work or participation) that requires you stay beyond 11 PM on June 13, please submit a Late Move-Out request; instructions are below
  • Exceptions are not guaranteed and are approved at the discretion of Student Housing and Dining Services
  • Students may be charged a nightly rate if they are approved to stay

How to Submit a Late Move-Out Request

  • Log into the myHousing Portal
  • Access the Late Move-Out extension process from May 14 through May 28 and fill out the request form
  • Complete instructions are included within the Late Move-Out request form

Checkout Before End of Contract (during academic year)

  • Students must qualify to be released from their contract; review the cancellation process for guidelines
  • Students who are transferring or withdrawing from the university or are participating in the Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) must move out within one week of completing their paperwork with the Registrar's Office; students must complete their paperwork with the Registrar's Office before they can cancel their contract
  • Students must meet with the Student Housing Contract Representative to cancel their contract
  • Contact the Student Housing Contract Representative with any questions

Room Vacate Instructions