UC Davis colleges, schools, and departments use the UC Davis web portal myucdavis to communicate with UC Davis students. Information is organized into "tiles" or blocks of related content. Tiles are usually organized by theme or department. There is a standard "view" of myucdavis - how myucdavis looks to everyone. In addition, each student can create a custom view, called MyView, to organize myucdavis content to their liking.

Housing on myucdavis

Student Housing uses myucdavis as the entry point to housing-related web applications, to post contracts-related announcements, and to share links to important Housing-related websites and resources. The Student Housing tile is called MyHousing.

sample image of the myucdavis HyHousing tile

You need to use myucdavis

Students living in Student Housing should become familiar with myucdavis and with the MyHousing tile. You are able to customize the site to best suit your needs. Student Housing highly encourages you to add MyHousing to your MyView page so you can easily access important Student Housing information. And please consider giving the MyHousing tile an "Aggie Up" so others will learn about the MyHousing tile too.

myucdavis Tutorial