Orchard Park Site, November 2020

Orchard Park Redevelopment

Family Housing

Built in 1964, Orchard Park served as apartment-style housing for students with families until 2015 when the facility was closed to prepare for redevelopment. In June 2015, the Student Family Housing Redevelopment Committee considered the future of student family housing at UC Davis and issued a report recommending principles related to future student family housing. The Orchard Park Redevelopment Status Report issued March 2, 2016 recommended redevelopment of the existing Orchard Park.

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Orchard Park Redevelopment webcamsOrchard Park Redevelopment webcams broadcast the construction of Orchard Park throughout the construction phase, from demolition until completion. Follow along as this LEED-registered project takes shape.

Executive Project Advisory Committee

The Executive Project Advisory Committee (EPAC) is charged with the implementation of the vision for redevelopment of Orchard Park, as outlined in the March 2, 2016 Orchard Park Redevelopment Status Report. The EPAC is also a clearing house for information about the project in that student representatives serve on the EPAC, and the EPAC regularly reports out to senior administrators, the Graduate Student Association and the Solano Park Community Meetings.

Mark I Rutheiser

Executive Director-Real Estate Services, Finance, Operations, Administration

Lisa A Frace

Senior Associate Vice Chancellor-Finance and Budget, and Chief Finance and Budget Officer, Finance, Operations, Administration

Reed Kawahara

Director-Public Private Partnerships, Finance, Operations, Administration

Jim Carroll

Associate Vice Chancellor-Design and Construction Management, and University Architect, Finance, Operations, Administration

Lorin M Torbitt

Capital Planner, Capital and Space Planning, Finance, Operations, Administration

Lucas Griffith

Director of Campus Planning, Finance, Operations, Administration

Ingrid Stromberg

Urban Designer, Campus Planner, Finance, Operations, Administration

Leslie Carbahal

Director-Capital Planning, Design and Construction Management, Finance, Operations, Administration

Ellen L Hartigan-O'Connor

Associate Dean for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars, Graduate Studies

Elizabeth Forrest Lampbert

Director of Communications and Strategic Planning, Graduate Studies

Jean-Pierre Delplanque

Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate Studies, OCP

Slande Erole

Graduate Student Assistant to the Dean and Chancellor, OCP

Geoffrey Koch

Graduate Student Association Representative (graduate student)

Arik Davidyan

Graduate Student Association Representative (graduate student)

Mandeep Singh Basson

Graduate Student Association Representative (graduate student)

Daniel Rivas

Solano Park Resident (graduate student)

Pablo G Reguerin

Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Mike Sheehan

Associate Vice Chancellor-Student Housing, Dining and Divisional Operations, Student Affairs

Lisa Papagni

Associate Director-Residential Education, Student Housing and Dining Services, Student Affairs

Corey Coates

Resident Director-Solano Park, Student Housing and Dining Services, Student Affairs

Brianna Janae Hodge

Senior Undergraduate Advisor

Olumayowa Titilope Adegboyega


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