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Water refill station in the Tercero Services Center

Water Refill Stations

To eliminate the need to purchase bottled water, Student Housing and Dining Services provides water refill stations in first-floor locations of service centers, offices, dining commons and residence halls. Students and staff have unlimited access to the water refill stations, which dispense filtered drinking water, to fill bottles, glasses, cups and containers up to one gallon in size. In some locations, the water is chilled.

Segundo Locations

  • Alder, Thompson, Miller
  • Bixby, Gilmore, Malcolm, Ryerson
  • Campo, Indio, Nova, Paloma, Rienda, Sereno, Talara
  • Regan Main
  • Segundo Dining Commons
  • Segundo Services Center
  • Student Housing Administration Building

Tercero Locations

  • Kearney, Laben
  • Campbell, Potter, Wall
  • Cottonwood, Redwood, Madrone
  • Pine, Scrub Oak, Currant, Live Oak, Sequoia, Hawthorn, Mahogany
  • Tercero Services Center

Cuarto Locations

  • Shasta, Tahoe, Yosemite
  • Cuarto Dining Commons