SHDS Statements

Our Vision, Mission, Statement of Ethics and Core Values

The SHDS Statements are the department's foundational documents that outline who we are at the core. These documents consist of the following statements: Vision, Unit Missions, Statement of Ethics and Core Values. SHDS Statements are reviewed on a regular 2-year cycle by the leadership team and department. Should you have any questions, please contact Duane Lindsay.

Last Update: fall 2019

Our Vision

The Student Housing and Dining Services department within the division of Student Affairs strives to provide exemplary residential, dining, and support services that facilitate a successful transition into the UC Davis community while fostering development of ongoing learning and life-skills.

Revised October 2019

Our Unit Missions

Student Housing and Dining Services is comprised of six units, each tasked with key missions to enable the department to pursue its overall vision.

Business & Financial Services (BFS) Mission Statement

The Business and Financial Services unit of Student Housing and Dining Services provides leadership and guidance in managing staff and financial resources in an ethical, efficient, and transparent manner.

Dining Services (DS) Mission Statement

The Dining Services unit of Student Housing and Dining Services provides a dining experience that is the least stressful and most enjoyable part of our students' day.

Facilities Services (FS) Mission Statement

The Facilities Services unit of Student Housing and Dining Services provides operational service and strategic stewardship of resources for all residential and dining facilities.

Inclusion & Organizational Development (IOD) Mission Statement

o The Inclusion and Organizational Development unit of Student Housing and Dining Services provides training and development opportunities that promote a workplace culture of respect and appreciation for diversity to drive innovation, improve effectiveness, and inspire departmental excellence.

Office of Student Development (OSD) Mission Statement

The Office of Student Development unit of Student Housing and Dining Services provides inclusive communities that support academic success, personal growth, and individual well-being.

Residential & Hospitality Services (RHS) Mission Statement

The Residential and Hospitality Services unit of Student Housing and Dining Services provides students and summer conference guests university home options through seamless operational processes and exemplary service.

Our Statement of Ethics

In alignment with the UC Davis Principles of Community, we believe that self-regulation is the most effective and preferred means of assuring ethical behavior. We role model high standards of personal conduct and act with integrity in words and action. We are committed to continually asking how we can best serve our students, each other, and the university community.

Our Ethical Commitment to our Students:

  • Treat them as individuals who possess dignity, worth, and the ability to be self-directed
  • Embrace the diversity of their abilities, life experiences and social identities
  • Be consistent and fair in our policies and practices

Our Ethical Commitment to Each Other:

  • Be honest and treat others as they desire to be treated
  • Put forth our best efforts in performing our individual and group responsibilities
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of shared personal and professional information

Our Ethical Commitment to the University:

  • Uphold the university mission, governmental regulations, and UC systemwide and campus policies
  • Model industry standards and benchmarks through regular assessment of programs, services, and structures
  • Demonstrate good stewardship of physical, financial and human resources

Our Core Values

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Community
  • Excellence
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Stewardship