Sample Aggie Card


The UC Davis AggieCard is the official campus photo identification card. Also occasionally referred to as a Registration or “Reg” Card, the AggieCard is utilized in Student Housing for the following services:

  • Official UC Davis ID
  • Building access into the residence halls (exterior doors utilize electronic door locks)
  • Room access in select residence halls that use electronic door locks instead of traditional keys
  • Access to the dining commons
  • Purchasing food using Aggie Cash
  • As ID when retrieving packages at the Area Service Desk
  • As ID when borrowing a key or access card at the Area Service Desk
  • Building access to the computer centers

Many campus locations also require students to use their Photo Identification Card for certain services, including various services at the following locations:

For more information about AggieCards, including information about replacing a lost AggieCard, refer to the UC Davis AggieCard webpage.