Computer Policies

UC Davis students are expected to know and follow university policies that govern electronic communication at UC Davis, including university computers and networks, which includes the Student Housing’s ResNet network system.

Acceptable Use Policy

The acceptable use policy governs the use of all electronic communications and media devices at UC Davis. The document outlines the rights and privileges of all campus users as well as describes unacceptable conduct and details how the document is enforced.

Legal Filesharing

Not all filesharing and downloading is illegal; it is important to know which sites are legal to download from and which aren’t. The Legal Filesharing site at UC Davis will help you find legal sites to download from.

Copyright Infringement

The UC Davis network is continually scanned for prohibited activities and network threats. To get more information on how to avoid downloading copyrighted material please visit the above site

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

The DMCA is a law which allows copyright owners to find and prosecute people who are illegally downloading. UC Davis provides an on campus liason to aid students who are in violation of the DMCA or related policies.