Residence Hall Furniture


Each residence hall student gets a bed, dresser (or built-in chest of drawers), a closet or wardrobe, a desk and desk chair, a small bookshelf, and a desk lamp. Each room has a wastebasket and a recycling bin.

Moving Furniture

Students are allowed to rearrange their furniture to suit their preferences. When rearranging furniture, the following rules must be followed:

  • All furniture must be returned to their original locations before move-out at the end of the year (suggestion: take photographs or make sketches of original furniture locations before rearranging)
  • Student Housing does not rearrange furniture for students; Student Housing DOES perform some bed reconfigurations
  • Furniture must be rearranged BEFORE Student Housing performs any bed reconfigurations

Bed Configurations

There are three general types of bed configurations: Basic Single Bed, Bunked Bed, and Lofted Bed (see graphic below).

Graphic: a basic single bed, a bunked bed, and a lofted bed

If you would like your bed changed from one configuration to another, please submit a Service Request and Student Housing staff will perform the reconfiguration for you. Indicate the configuration type in the Service Request.

Note: Due to the increased quantity of furniture in triple-occupancy rooms, some configurations may not be possible.

Use of Ladders and Guardrails for Lofted and Bunked Beds

Bed ends are intentionally designed to be used as ladders to get into and out of your bed. If you do not feel comfortable using bed ends this way, Student Housing does have special ladders which attach to the side of your bed. In addition Student Housing has guardrails which may help you avoid rolling out of your bed.

If you would like one or both of these devices installed, you must submit a Service Request on the My Student Housing channel at MyUCDavis. Be sure to select the "Bed Ladder or Guardrail Installation" option or your request will be rejected. Ladders removed or improperly installed by residents present a serious risk of injury from a fall. An attached ladder can only be used if the bed is properly configured and approved by Housing maintenance staff. Ladders will NOT work at all bed heights.

Other Bed Modifications

Students may not modify their beds beyond what the beds are designed to accommodate. This includes adding their own hardware (including their own ladders), and adding spacers, risers or other devices in order to change their bed height or configuration.