Moving Into The Residence Halls - General Information

Moving into the residence halls is an exciting time for both students and Student Housing. The process for moving into the halls differs depending on which quarter students plan to move in; please refer to each section below for general information for each quarter.

All students may begin to prepare to move into the residence halls by reviewing the following information:

Note: on the 1st of the month of a given quarter's move-in weekend (for example, September 1 for fall quarter), this page will automatically update with information specific to that quarter's move-in process.

Fall Quarter

Scheduled Move-In

Most students who live in the residence halls move in during September in time for fall quarter. Because of the large amount of students moving in, it takes special coordination and preparation on both the students' and university's parts. To facilitate this, Student Housing prepares specific information for each year's fall quarter move-in.

Information for fall quarter move-in is posted on this webpage in early September or before. Information includes move-in dates, contract updates and requirements, fee payment information, computer registration information, move-in campus maps and directions, and a checklist of things to prepare.

Off-Schedule Move-In

Students who intend to move in after the official fall quarter move-in days should contact Student Housing directly (530-752-2033 or to obtain specific information for moving in.

Religious Holiday Conflicts

Those whose check-in day conflicts with the observance of religious holidays should contact the Student Housing office at 530-752-2033 to arrange alternative move-in accommodations. Note: the UC policy regarding religious holidays that conflict with residence hall move-in days is available on the Contracts and Forms webpage.

Students who have additional questions may contact Student Housing (530-752-2033 or


Student Housing prepared these checklists to help students (and parents) prepare for the move into the residence halls.

Winter and Spring Quarter

Students who anticipate moving into the residence halls for winter or spring quarter should contact Student Housing directly (530-752-2033 or to obtain specific information for moving in.

See Checklists under Fall Quarter, above, to begin planning for move-in. Note: not all checklist items may apply to winter or spring quarter move-in.

Summer quarter

Students who are planning on living in the residence halls during Summer Session I or II should go to the Summer Session webpage Conference Housing website for information and instructions.

Please contact Conference Housing (530-752-8000 or for additional information.