Checklist: Planning for and Moving into the Residence Halls

Use the following checklist to prepare to move in to the residence halls. Be sure to read the entire checklist: some items should be considered quickly, others in the days before moving.

Planning for the Move

  • Check your UC Davis email (check it daily)
  • Decide what to bring
    • Remove packaging at home to reduce the waste you'll have to manage and save time while unpacking
    • Pack items in reusable containers or bags; this will reduce waste, and can be used to store seasonal or infrequently used items, or as packing containers when you move out at the end of the year
  • Download, read and/or print the "Moving In" map for your residence hall
  • See the Student Housing Calendar for holidays, closures, and deadlines
  • If desired, reserve a MicroFridge (alternative to buying a microwave and refrigerator)
  • NOTE: please cancel your contract if you no longer plan to live in the residence halls

Get Your Housing Assignment

  • Log into the myHousing Portal to view your Housing Assignment
  • Refer to the move-in map for your residence hall to learn how to get here, and where to park your vehicle to unload

Know the Policies and Expectations

Preparing Your Computer

Biking on Campus

Paying Your Fees

Meal Plans

After Moving In

  • Rearrange your room if desired; beds may not be reconfigured (bunked or lofted)
  • License your bicycle at Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS)—it's the law and a university requirement
  • Refer to the Waste Guide to learn where and how to sort your waste in your residence hall (look for the printable instructions per building)
  • Refer to the Sustainable Action Guide for tips on how to live sustainably
  • Refer to the Thermostat User Guide for instructions on how to use your room thermostat
  • Watch movies and TV on XFINITY on Campus

Fall Quarter Move-In Only

  • Attend Welcome Week activities in the residence hall areas and on campus
  • Attend Fall Welcome events during fall quarter
  • To learn more, visit the Fall Welcome website and view the calendar events details