Checklist: Planning for and Moving into the Residence Halls

Use the following checklist to prepare to move in to the residence halls. Be sure to read the entire checklist: some items should be considered quickly, others in the days before moving.

Planning for the Move

Get Your Housing Assignment

  • Log into MyUCDavis and make note of your Housing Assignment, including your roommate(s) contact information (assignments available in late August)
  • Refer to the move-in map for your residence hall to learn how to get here, and where to park your vehicle to unload

Coordinate With Your Roommate(s)

  • Arrival times for move-in day
  • Bed location preferences (by the window, left side of the room, etc.)
  • What each roommate will bring (television, printer, etc.)
  • Reserving a MicroFridge (alternative to buying a microwave and refrigerator)

Know the Policies and Expectations

Biking on Campus

Paying Your Fees

Meal Plans

After Moving In

  • Complete an online Room Condition form by October 8, 2018
  • Check your mailbox immediately for important university and residence hall information
  • Begin receiving your mail and packages on Monday, September 24, 2018
  • Read all of the information you received when checking in to the residence halls
  • Rearrange your room and adjust your bed if desired; refer to the Residence Hall Furniture webpage for directions
  • License your bicycle at Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) - it's the law and a university requirement
  • Recycle your cardboard and polystyrene at the nearest Recycling Station; locations will be clearly marked with a bright green "Recycling Station" sign
  • Attend Welcome Week activities in the residence hall areas and on campus; Welcome Week information is provided at check-in
  • Attend Fall Welcome events; to learn more, visit the Fall Welcome website and view the calendar events details
  • Watch some television or a movie on the Student Housing television network
  • Check out the Diversity Calendar to learn more about the diversity of our student body