Dining Commons "Tabling" Guidelines

All UC Davis Campus Departments and registered student organizations (RSO) are eligible to table in the dining commons. Only one group may reserve a space at one of the three DCs per meal. Reservations are not accepted during the first week of each quarter, finals week, during specialty theme meals or special residence hall events.

  • Residence Hall activities and events are given first priority.
  • The Dining Commons is a place for students/guests to enjoy their meals. These rules are intended to promote and preserve smooth and orderly service and to avoid disruption to students during meal times.
  • Groups must reserve a table at least five days in advance but no sooner than two weeks prior to the event. This timeline will be strictly enforced.
  • A Dining Commons table can be reserved a maximum of three times a quarter by any of the above-mentioned groups.
  • All tabling materials (e.g. table banner, photo albums, flyers, posters, etc.) must be approved when making a reservation. Copies will be made of all handouts for Student Housing records.

"Tabling" Guidelines

  • The group holding the reservation may have a maximum number of two representatives at the table.
  • Information can be made available for residents who approach the table; but, written material may not be handed out to those standing in line.
  • Group members must stay behind the table to present materials to students.
  • No aggressive recruitment or soliciting will be tolerated, such as calling to students, walking up to students or in any way forcing or stopping students to talk.
  • Only Student Housing groups are authorized to sell items.
  • No food or snack items can be handed out.
  • Donation bins or fundraising events are not allowed.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in Student Housing revoking future "tabling" privileges and/or other actions.


The location "tabling" areas are:

  • Segundo DC: Foyer (entry) of the dining commons
  • Tercero DC: Entrance to the dining commons
  • Cuarto DC: Outside of the dining commons (outdoors - weather permitting)


For assistance or questions on the day of the tabling reservation, please speak to the DC manager on duty.