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Energy and Water Challenge

About the Challenge

The Energy and Water Challenge is a competition for UC Davis' residence hall students to see which residence halls team can save the most energy and water. The teams will be ranked on a leaderboard based on how much energy and water they are saving each week. The team(s) with the most energy savings and/or water savings over the course of the competition will be recognized for their efforts.

2019 Competition Dates

January 21, 2019 - March 1, 2019

Get Involved

Find your team and visit the leaderboard during the competition at challenge.ucdavis.edu.

How to Win

  • Visiting the leaderboard daily to see how your team is doing
  • Save energy in your residence hall
  • Save water in your residence hall
  • Attend Energy and Water Challenge programs

Previous Winners

2017-18 Competition

  • Energy Winner: Segundo - Regan
  • Water Winner: Segundo - Regan