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The University of California's Sustainable Practices Policy has goals to increase:

Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy

  • Install additional on-site renewable electricity supplies and energy storage systems at the campuses and health locations whenever cost-effective and/or supportive of the location's Climate Action Plan or other goals.
  • By 2025, each campus and health location will procure 100% clean electricity.
  • By 2025, at least 40% of the natural gas combusted on-site at each campus and health location will be biogas.


UC Davis Progress - Energy

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Best Practices

In the Residence Halls

  • Renewable energy: solar photovoltaics and solar thermal systems
  • Economizer reduces energy use in 12 buildings in the Tercero Area
  • Newer buildings are 32 percent or more energy efficient than California's Title 24 standards
  • White roofs on majority of buildings to reduce heating and cooling loads
  • Smart thermostats, in most residence halls, reduce heating and cooling loads
  • Thermostat controls to allow user control in an efficient range
  • Operable windows in the rooms for resident comfort
  • Energy-efficient lighting to include daylighting and occupancy sensors in common areas
  • Natural lighting and task lighting to reduce overhead lighting
  • Energy saving LED bulb in all task lights and some overhead lighting
  • Energy Star rated appliances and electronics
  • Annual Energy & Water Challenge to educate and encourage residents to reduce energy & water use

In the Dining Commons

  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Energy-efficient heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Energy-efficient kitchen appliances
  • Solar thermal systems that use solar energy to heat water
  • Occupancy sensors installed in low-occupancy areas
  • Energy management software to control lighting and HVAC systems

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