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The University of California's Sustainable Practices Policy has a zero waste goal to divert a minimum of 90% of municipal solid waste from the landfill and reduce waste:

  • 25% per capita from FY 2015/16 levels by 2025
  • 50% per capita from FY 2015/16 levels by 2030

Waste reduction is prioritized in the following order: reduce, reuse, and then recycle and compost.


UC Davis Progress - Zero Waste

Take Action

For waste reduction and sorting tips, visit the Sustainable Action Guide

Best Practices

In the Residence Halls

  • Water refill stations in every res hall that provide filtered water in your own reusable drink container
  • Mixed recycling and landfill bins in every resident room
  • Centralized compost collection bins on every res hall floor, kitchen, break room and waste enclosure
  • Reusables and eWaste collection bins at every Area Service Desk
  • Waste sorting signs on every waste bin
  • Compost paper towels from restrooms
  • Cardboard and polystyrene collection during Move-in
  • Aggie Give and Go during Move-out
  • Waste education for residents, student staff, and professional staff

In the Dining Commons

  • Edible food recovery program that donates meals to campus and community partners
  • Composts pre- and post-consumer food waste
  • Filter fry oil for longer use
  • Trayless dining, which has reduced food waste by nearly 30 percent and saved more than 50,000 gallons of water
  • Quarterly waste audits
  • Reducing and eliminating single-use plastics
  • Eliminated plastic bags for to-go items in the convenience stores
  • Try-a-taste (sample an entrĂ©e before taking an entire serving)
  • Just ask! (customize your plate, e.g., ask for a half portion or no bun)
  • Reusable cutlery and dishware

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