RA On-Call Directory

A Resident Advisor is available every night for residents who need assistance during the hours that the Area Service Desk is closed. To contact the resident advisor who is on-call for the night, select the appropriate number from the list below. Note: during the summer months, these phones are not monitored.

Segundo Area

Alder Hall 530-681-6754
Bixby Hall 530-681-6701
Gilmore Hall 530-681-6701
Malcolm Hall 530-681-6720
Miller Hall 530-681-6754
Regan Hall 530-681-6723
Ryerson Hall 530-681-6720
Thompson Hall 530-681-6754

Tercero Area

Campbell Hall 530-979-7006
Cottonwood Hall 530-746-1468
Currant Hall 530-746-1459
Hawthorn Hall 530-746-1465
Kearney Hall 530-979-1797
Laben Hall 530-979-1797
Live Oak Hall 530-746-1464
Madrone Hall 530-746-1468
Mahogany Hall 530-746-1465
Pine Hall 530-746-1459
Potter Hall 530-979-7006
Redwood Hall 530-746-1468
Scrub Oak Hall 530-746-1464
Sequoia Hall 530-746-1464
Wall Hall 530-979-7006

Cuarto Area

Tahoe Hall 530-681-6712
Yosemite Hall 530-681-6712