Solano Park Apartments Application, Lease and Forms

Guide To Solano Park

The Guide To Solano Park provides information about the Solano Park Lease Agreement, as well as staff, facilities & services, and security. It also includes information about the move-in process.

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Application and Lease Documents

Application and Cancellation Process

Solano Park at UC Davis Lease Application

Prospective and current students interested in living in Solano Park Apartments should complete the Solano Park Lease Application and submit it along with the Lease Application Fee. Submission and Fee details are included in the Lease Application. Applicants will be placed on a waiting list for the next available apartment.

Download: Solano Park Lease Application (pdf)

Solano Park Apartments Lease Agreement (SAMPLE)

Review a sample version of the Solano Park lease. NOTE: THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT VALID and may not be the lease students receive when offered an opportunity to live at Solano Park at UC Davis. Be sure to read and understand the proffered lease before signing it.

Solano Park Apartments Lease Terms, Conditions and Regulations

Review the official Solano Park Apartments Lease Terms, Conditions and Regulations.

Request for Special Accommodations

Students requiring special housing accommodations should download, complete and submit a Disability Disclosure form. Instructions are included within the form.

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Solano Park at UC Davis Payment Coupons

Students living in Solano Park are required to submit a payment coupon with their housing payments to ensure their payment is properly credited. Remittance information is included on the coupon. Payment coupons are not required when paying online using SISWEB.

Download: Solano Park Payment Coupons (pdf)

Solano Park at UC Davis Apartment Transfer Request

Residents of Solano Park may request an apartment transfer. Apartment transfers are primarily granted to accommodate situations related to health, family size, or safety.

Download: Solano Park Transfer Request Form (pdf)

Solano Park at UC Davis Sublease Information & Approval Request

Those interested in subleasing their apartment in Solano Park should first read this information and request Student Housing approval before soliciting sublessees.

Download: Solano Park Sublease Information & Approval Request Form (pdf)