Coronavirus Information

Student Housing and Dining Services wants to help students understand their options so we created and will be updating a webpage with frequently-asked questions for students who live and eat on campus.

Please also read the chancellor's message about transitioning to remote learning during spring quarter and the Student Affairs frequently-asked questions for students to understand more about remote learning and the campus support and services available to you.

Aggie Block Meal Plans

Aggie Block meal plans provide access to eat in the dining commons and provide Aggie Cash for purchasing food at campus restaurants and coffee shops.

Aggie Block meal plans are available to everyone, including students, faculty, staff and the public. Aggie Block Meal Plans do not expire.

There are three plans to choose from:

  • Aggie Block Plan 50: Includes 50 meals ("swipes") and $50 in Aggie Cash — $600*
  • Aggie Block Plan 100: Includes 100 meals ("swipes") and $100 in Aggie Cash — $1,100*
  • Aggie Block Plan 150: Includes 150 meals ("swipes") and $150 in Aggie Cash — $1,500*

*Sales tax will be charged on meal plan purchases made by non-students.

All Aggie Block meal plans include:

  • Access to all three dining commons (Cuarto, Segundo and Tercero)
  • Aggie Cash, which can be used on campus
  • Healthy, well-balanced meals in any of the resident dining rooms
  • Unlimited seconds at all meals
  • Rollovers of your meal balance from year to year (while actively enrolled at UC Davis)
  • Spectacular service from culinary professionals