Solano Park General Information

Campus Location

Solano Park is located on the southeast side of central campus, near downtown. It is conveniently close to myriad classrooms, downtown restaurants and shops, and the beautiful UC Davis Arboretum. View the campus map to see precisely where Solano Park apartments is located.

Programs and Services

Solano Park's programs and services are guided by a strong community ethos. Student staff who live in Solano Park regularly plan activities and events for the community and provide support and guidance to residents interested in enacting change within the communities. In addition to these community-centered programs Solano Park's infrastructure, supported by campus and city services, ensures that basic community needs are met.

Additional programs and resources for student parents can be found on the Worklife and Wellness Student Parent Resource Page.


All units have the following amenities:

  • Patio or balcony
  • Linoleum flooring
  • One Air-conditioning wall unit located in the kitchen/living room area
  • Natural gas wall unit
  • Refrigerator
  • Electric stove and oven
  • Overhead lighting in kitchen and dining room
  • Vertical blinds in the living room
  • Access to high speed internet and cable television service
  • Solano Park offer parking permits for one or two vehicles for a charge (Note: per Transportation Services policy, if you live in Solano Park you may not purchase a campus permit)
  • Access to card-operated laundry facilities on site

Shower curtains, dryer hook-ups, microwaves, dishwashers, garbage disposal systems, and window coverings in all other rooms are not available. In addition, additional wall-unit air conditioners are not allowed to be installed in the apartment's other rooms. Note: as of 8/1/12, all apartments vacating have had their washer hookups disabled and are not allowed to be utilized.

Community (Shared) Space

  • Solano Park has a community center with comfortable furniture, television, and VCR as well as a community kitchen; this center is typically the focus of community events and may also be reserved for private functions
  • Community recreation equipment is available for resident use by contacting one of the Resident Advisors


Maintenance, repairs, and pest control are provided by qualified UC Davis Student Housing staff; periodically, maintenance inspections or major projects to benefit the community may be scheduled. Household garbage and recyclables should be deposited in large dumpsters located on the periphery of each complex; for health and safety reasons, garbage may not be allowed to accumulate in apartments, hallways, or walkways. Limited storage is available by arrangement with your area park office.


High speed Internet service is provided in every Solano Park apartment. There is one active data port in each apartment. Additionally, one bedroom apartments have a one additional inactive port, and two-bedroom apartments have two additional inactive ports; residents may have additional ports activity switched for a one-time fee or an additional port activated for a one-time activation fee.

Television and Online Movies

Each apartment has a cable television port with basic cable service. In addition, a "movies on demand" service, Resident Select, is provided by Student Housing to residents. Because the movie channel is funded by students living in the residence halls, movies shown on Resident Select may not be geared towards small children and only basic cable service is offered during the summer months.

Safety Related Services

Solano Park is served and patrolled 24 hours/day by the UC Davis Police with backup provided by City of Davis Police. Aggie Hosts provide the "Safe Rides" service. ASUCD operates Tipsy Taxi during the academic year as safe transport for undergraduates Thursday-Saturday, 10pm-2am; the low-cost service provides transportation throughout the city for anybody who needs a safe ride or is intoxicated. Tipsy Taxi is operated by Unitrans, the campus bus service which also provides student operated public transport within city limits. Unitrans bus service is available year-round.

Fire safety is overseen by UC Davis' Fire Marshal, and emergency response is provided by the UC Davis Fire Department with additional support provided by the City of Davis Fire Department. The UC Davis Fire Department conducts regular inspections of park facilities to ensure that emergency access to all apartments is maintained and that fire and smoke alarm systems operate properly. Smoke/fire detectors are installed either in bedrooms or in hallways between bedrooms. When triggered by particles such as smoke/carbon dioxide, an alarm rings within the apartment; when triggered by heat, an alarm rings simultaneously within the apartment and at the UC Davis Fire Department along with the apartment location. Manually triggered alarm boxes are located on posts with blue marker lights throughout each complex, and fire extinguishers are located near the stairways of all apartment buildings for added safety.

Community Standards

To ensure the safety and peace of the community, the university has established basic standards by which all residents are expected to abide. Some key points are listed below, and a full disclosure will be provided upon move-in in addition to items specifically outlined in the lease agreement.

  • Firearms and weapons of all manner are prohibited on university property. Residents with a justifiable need may contact the UC Davis Police to arrange storage at the police department.
  • The unlawful possession, use or involvement with any drug or controlled substance is against university policy.
  • Uncaged pets are not permitted within Solano Park, and only some small animals may be permitted if they are healthy and are permanently contained in a small cage or aquarium within the apartment. Please contact the complex coordinator to find out whether your pet is permitted before signing a lease.
  • Balcony gates, front doors and stairs must be unobstructed at all time to allow access and egress in cases of emergency.
  • Noise, music and smoking can intrude upon neighboring apartments and residents are expected to self regulate their actions in these areas. However, issues that cannot be resolved amongst neighbors will be resolved by staff and all parties are bound by the final decision. Amplified sound is not allowed without first securing a permit from the complex coordinator.
  • Additions such as antennae, clothes dryers, and exterior electrical service are strictly prohibited within Solano Park. Sun screens, satellite dishes and clothes lines are permitted, but only when in compliance with certain guidelines.
  • Flammable and combustible liquids are not allowed within apartments with the exception of one pint or less or barbecue starter fluid in a suitable container. Candles are not permitted except those used on birthday cakes and extinguished immediately; exceptions for religious and cultural purposes is subject to approval by the UC Davis Fire Marshal.
  • Barbecues may be used within Solano Park but only when used in compliance with certain safety guidelines.


The Davis Joint Unified School District provides elementary and secondary education to children of our residents, including alternative schooling options. The school district is a premier California district serving approximately 8,830 students in grades K–12 and 2,400 students in an adult education program (on a quarterly basis). During the 2002 academic year, the racial-ethnic distribution of the student populations was as follows: 1.0% American Indian/Alaskan Native, 13.0% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 1.0% Filipino, 12.0% Hispanic, 4.0% African American and 68.0% Caucasian.

Davis offers nine elementary schools and three secondary schools as well as a continuation high school and a K-12 school for independent study; two of the city's elementary schools support Spanish Immersion programs while another offers a Montessori program. The school district offers a variety of special programs and services, including school improvement; assistance to limited speakers of English; resource specialists in reading; drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention education; secondary counseling; extended library hours for secondary schools and a school-to-career program. The District also provides a special education program, Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program and summer school programs for grades K–12. Each year, approximately 90 percent of Davis high school graduates enroll in post secondary institutions, with about 60 percent in four-year universities and colleges, of which roughly 35 percent matriculate directly into the University of California system.