Student Housing and Dining Services Strategic Plan2021

IX. Appendix D - Campus Assessment and Service Agreements—2012-2013

Campus Support / Agreements Amount Comments
Overhead Recovery Auxilliary DCA $2,674,680 Includes DCA for Police, Fire, central campus accounting, purchasing, cashiers, HR, payroll and 3% income assessment
Fire Prevention DCA $12,086 Additional costs that weren’t included in the Fire DCA mention above
SSC Support $62,473 SSC Recharge True up for 2011-2012 costs
SSC Support $761,775 SSC Recharge for 2012-2013 costs
Student Affairs SSC Reduction $396,320 Student Affairs 2012-2013 SSC budget reduction
Student Accounting DCA $8,820  
Grounds DCA $978,918  
OP Tax Assessment $757,995 1.52% OP tax assessment on all 2010-2011 expenses
OP Tax Assessment $27,264 Additional OP tax assessment on 2010-2011 expenses from the Retail and Hyatt Labor
Subtotal Campus Support $5,680,330  
Student Affairs Support / Assessments Amount Comments
Contribution to VCSA and SJA $341,000  
SAMC Marketing Comm. Specialist position $61,354  
Conference Housing Surcharge $71,835 Student Affairs assessment on each conference guest
Housing VSP/Supervisor ratio reduction $219,632  
Contribution to Student Life units $20,000 Contribution is reviewed annually
Subtotal Student Affairs Support $713,820  
Total Support / Assessments Amount Comments
Total $6,394,151