Student Housing and Dining Services Strategic Plan2021

V. Appendix A: Strategic Plan Process and Timeline

Strategic Plan Process and Timeline: the development of this plan occurred over the period from December 2019 to January 2021 via the following phases:

  • Phase 1 | December 2019: Mike Sheehan, Ramona Hernandez and Richard Ronquillo convened to brainstorm the initial outline and intent for the updated plan.
  • Phase 2 | January 2020:
    • Leadership Team (LT) reviewed 2014 plan and discussed outline for new plan.
    • LT hosted annual gathering, “SHDS Winter Town Hall”, presented outline and solicited feedback.
  • *March 2020: COVID-19 BREAK
  • Phase 3 | July 2020:
    • Revisited and continued progress of plan in Summer 2020
    • Established workgroup comprised of the following SHDS staff: Ramona Hernandez (lead), Duane Lindsay, Richard Ronquillo, Chris Fallon.
  • Phase 4 | Fall 2020: Workgroup created version 1 of the draft plan and reviewed with LT.
  • Phase 5 | October 2020: Ramona presented an updated outline and the plans set of “Strategic Initiatives” at Fall Gathering 2020 to SHDS staff.
  • Phase 6 | October-December 2020: Workgroup updated draft version of the plan and solicited feedback from LT, the Managers Team and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
  • Phase 7 | January 2021:
    • SHDS Marketing sub-unit developed beta version of the plan on the SHDS public website.
    • Beta version of the plan emailed to all SHDS staff for reference and review.
    • Finalize plan and implementation (end of January).