Student Housing and Dining Services Strategic Plan2021

V. Facilities Operations and Planning

Student Housing operates and maintains over 1.8 million gross square feet within a variety of building types and locations, including residence halls, apartments, dining facilities, retail centers, computer labs and classrooms. In addition to daily custodial services and the delivery of residential and dining maintenance services, Student Housing oversees a variety of operational logistics. These logistics include our furniture and upholstery programs, fire safety, sustainability, energy management and approximately 25 outsourced agreements such as grounds, locksmith and carpet cleaning.

Design Services

The office of Design Services serves both Student Housing and the Division of Student Affairs by providing interior architectural solutions for buildings managed by Student Housing and Student Affairs. Design Services provides assistance with planning, design and project management for maintenance, tenant improvements, renovations and new construction projects.

Computer Services

Computer Services provides the information technology infrastructure for the department. This department performs application development, system administration, and desktop and user support for all residential students and department staff. We also manage three residential computing centers and collaborate with departments in the Division of Student Affairs and Division of Information and Education Technology (IET) on development projects, security and network administration. The unit integrates Tier 1 and Tier 2 campus and departmental information systems (financial, payroll, student, and user registry) and ensures reliable and secure information exchange as well as efficient and effective business practices in the department.

Major Maintenance

Student Housing’s major maintenance program addresses maintenance project needs and the equipment, soft costs and labor associated with completion of the projects. These projects range from the purchase of windows to the replacement of roofs to the major renovation of a building. Major maintenance funds are the primary funding source for significant maintenance and renovation projects. Student Housing’s major maintenance program is adequately funded and supported to ensure all of our facilities provide safe and secure living environments for our students.

Capital Projects

All Student Housing capital projects are coordinated with the office of Design and Construction Management and include direct involvement of Student Affairs.

Recent construction projects include the Segundo North 380-bed residence hall, the Segundo Dining Commons, the Tercero South I 400-bed residence hall, the Tercero South II 600-bed residence hall and the Segundo Services Center. Major renovation projects include the Tercero Dining Commons renovation, the Cuarto Dining Commons renovation, the Regan renewal project and the Segundo high-rise renewal. Renovation projects focused on various aspects including seismic upgrades, fire safety, mechanical upgrades, amenity upgrades, square footage increase, roof/siding/window upgrades, security and technology.

New construction has just completed for Tercero Phase 3, a 1,200-bed residential complex that will replace the 800 beds in the Pierce/Thille properties. Construction has also been completed for the Castilian Hall third-party development. Planning has begun for the redevelopment of Orchard Park. Additionally, Tercero Phase 4 will replace 180 beds at the Leach complex with 500 new beds. Occupancy is planned for fall 2017.

Ten-Year Capital Plan

The campus initiative for enrollment growth, along with our expanded responsibility for all retail dining facilities and our continuing commitment to guarantee housing for first-year freshmen and transfer students and second-year returning students, will result in many facility investments over the next 10 years. Below is a summary of our current 10-year capital plan.

Fall 2014 Tercero Phase 3 comes online with 1,200 beds
Fall 2014 Castilian third-party redevelopment project comes online with ~230 beds*
Fall 2014 Orchard Park apartments go off-line for redevelopment*
Fall 2014 Leach Hall goes off-line for demolition and construction of Tercero Phase 4
2014-2016 Two-phase renovation of the South Silo, Silo and Silo Courtyard
Winter 2016 New Scrubs dining facility comes online
2015-2016 Tercero Dining Commons interior seating expansion and mechanical renewal
Fall 2017 Tercero Phase 4 comes online with ~500 beds
Fall 2017 Webster Hall goes off-line for demolition and construction of replacement beds
Fall 2020 Webster Hall comes back online with ~300 beds
Fall 2020 Emerson Hall goes off-line for demolition and construction of replacement beds
Fall 2023 Emerson Hall comes back online with ~600 beds
Notes * Third-party developments utilize privatized financing and therefore are not included in the campus capital-plan documents