Student Housing and Dining Services Strategic Plan2021

VI. Financial Planning

Housing and Dining Rates

UC Davis Student Housing is committed to providing affordable housing to our residents. Our student housing and dining rates are consistently mid-range in comparison to other UC campuses. Over the past three years our average annual rate increase was 4.8%. We anticipate an average annual increase of 4.3% over the next 10 years; however this data is currently under review to ensure our ability to meet updated reserve balance goals from the Budget and Institutional Analysis department. We will continue to control costs and make strategic decisions to remain affordable as we work to achieve our mission.

Revenues, Expenses and Reserves

We achieve our commitment to affordability while still providing quality facilities and services by preparing and adhering to a long-term strategic financial plan. Our 10-year plan outlines our funding sources and uses, and provides for the allocation of reserves for necessary renovation, upgrade and construction projects. In recent years, new construction and major renovation projects have been financed with a combination of equity and cash. This approach reduces future debt obligations. As debt financing is quite affordable and reserve minimum balances will need to be maintained, this strategy will be reconsidered for future projects. It is essential to retain sufficient reserves to meet all of our planned project and financial obligations as an auxiliary enterprise.

Appendix C, “Ten-Year Reserve Projections,” provides a summary of the sources and uses of Student Housing funds.

Campus Assessments

As an auxiliary and revenue-generating unit, Student Housing is responsible for an overhead recovery auxiliary agreement that covers services including campus police, fire services, campus central human resources, purchasing, accounts payable, cashiers and an additional self-supporting income assessment. In addition to the $5.6 million allocated as a general campus assessment, another $713,820 is budgeted for general student affairs support. See Appendix D, “Campus Assessment and Service Agreements,” for more detailed information.