Student Housing and Dining Services Strategic Plan2021

IV. Housing Supply and Demand

Undergraduate Demand

Student Housing conducts ongoing analysis of student enrollments, housing guarantees, and take rates for admissions and housing offers. We stay in alignment with campus goals by planning in advance to provide the necessary bed spaces, taking care not to overbuild and create a financial liability for the campus.

Appendix B, “Residence Hall Bed Space Supply and Demand,” illustrates our current bed-space projections for the next 10 years and shows that we have sufficient resources to accommodate first-year freshman base demand within the framework of our historical take rates and known enrollment projections. In addition, we can increase the number of triple-occupancy rooms for students who prefer the enhanced affordability of that option.

Demand from transfer students has remained steady, but the availability of residence hall beds has decreased (as a direct result of freshman enrollment increases). We have responded by increasing the number of master-leased apartments off campus. Student Housing does not have any plans to build transfer apartment housing and will continue to rely on either third-party apartments located on campus and/or apartments in the Davis community to meet this demand.

During the first year of the second-year housing guarantee, less than two percent of the 2012 residents contracted for this option. Student Housing expects this number will increase slightly as the program develops and parents opt towards the security of this second-year option. Student Housing will meet this demand in the residence halls, and if the freshman demand is such that this is not possible, will offer apartment beds in the master-leased apartments off campus.

Graduate Demand

Interest in graduate student housing has increased in recent years, especially for families. Student Housing is working with the campus to offer solutions, whether through the existing third-party housing or other options in the Davis community. Student Housing is also working to develop two new graduatestudent apartment communities: one at the former location of Castilian Hall (Wake Forest Drive) and the other at Orchard Park.

Public/Private and Community Partnerships

In the early 1980s, UC Davis entered into a ground lease with Tandem Properties, one of the first privatized housing partnerships in the UC system. Since that time, three more ground leases have been executed, two more with Tandem and one with EAH. This privatized housing mix, which includes almost 650 on-campus apartment units, provides housing to over 600 students. These spaces are utilized primarily by families, single graduate and continuing undergraduate students. West Village, immediately adjacent to campus, provides 2,000 beds for single students and families. Student Housing is leasing back one complex completely (Primero Grove) and several units at The Colleges. The ability to utilize these third-party beds has provided a financially sound and reliable method for meeting our housing guarantees.

Cooperative Housing

Student Housing has been responsible for two cooperative housing areas since the early 1970s: Baggins End (The Domes) and the Tri Co-Op houses (Davis Student Co-Op, Pierce Co- Op and Agrarian Effort Co-Op). In August 2011 Baggins End was closed as a result of extensive renovations needed to the fiberglass structures. Solar Community Housing Association (SCHA) entered into a five-year ground lease with Real Estate Services to make necessary repairs and the project re-opened in November 2011. Student Housing maintains a liaison relationship with SCHA via a housing board chaired by Real Estate Services.

Student Housing continues to work with the Tri Co-Ops community (approximately 30–40 students) to meet their objective for communal living, which embraces sustainability, while maintaining the on-campus community standards and expectations.