Student Housing and Dining Services Strategic Plan2021

II. Student Housing Mission and Values

In recent years Student Housing has assumed responsibility for a broader range of services. With this in mind, and with input from our staff, the leadership team has adjusted the mission statement to more accurately reflect the work we do.


Student Housing’s mission is to provide living, dining and academic support services that facilitate a successful transition to the UC Davis community and foster ongoing learning and life-skill development.


Our values are our departmental compass and define our priorities as an organization.

  • Safety: The safety and security of students, staff and all members of our community is our first priority.
  • Student-centered: We plan our services, programs and facilities with students’ needs and interests as our guide.
  • Fiscal responsibility: We manage our resources in a responsible and fiscally sound manner.
  • Social justice and inclusivity: We develop and nurture inclusive communities and learning environments. We place a priority on hiring a diverse staff. We structure our programs and services to be welcoming for all members of our community.
  • Environmental sustainability: We design, build and maintain our facilities with sustainability as a guiding priority. We operate our programs and services with sustainable practices and products.
  • Collaboration and partnership: We work collaboratively with all of our campus and community partners and value the efficiencies and mutually beneficial outcomes of those partnerships.