Alder Hall

Alder Hall

Building Details

Alder Hall features the following:

  • Floors: 4 floors
  • Building Occupancy: about 200 students
  • Occupancy Type(s): double- and triple-occupancy rooms
  • Room Configuration(s): standard configuration: all rooms are located directly off a main interior hallway
  • Room Dimensions: approximately 10 feet x 20 feet
  • Bathrooms: bathrooms are located along main interior hallways at an interval of every 4-6 bedrooms
  • Laundry Facilities: there is one laundry room, located on the first floor; it has 6 washing machines and 6 dryers
  • Flooring Type(s): all bedrooms are carpeted
  • Bed Type(s): all rooms have extra-long (80 inch) twin beds
  • Computer Network Connection(s): wired and wireless
  • Cable TV Connection: Coaxial and IPTV
  • Landline Telephone Availability: not available
  • Mailbox Location: Segundo Services Center
  • Additional Notes: in lieu of traditional built-in closets, all rooms have wardrobes that measure approximately 6 feet x 2 feet, 8 inches x 2 feet and have two drawers and one shelf; triple-occupancy rooms have three wardrobes; in addition to the wardrobes, additional storage closets are located off the interior hallway

Maps, Plans and Models

Living-Learning Communities

2018-19: Asian Pacific American Theme House (APATH)

2019-20: Asian Pacific American Theme House (APATH)

Mail, Mailboxes, and Care Packages

Use the following address to send mail and packages to Alder Hall residents.

There is one mailbox for each room. Alder Hall's mailboxes are located on the first floor of the Segundo Services Center.

Packages that do not fit in a mailbox are held at the Area Service Desk until residents can pick them up. The ASD notifies residents via email when they receive packages.

Mailing Address

(student name)
(room #) Alder Hall
1081 La Rue Road
Davis, CA 95616

Items in parenthesis should be customized with residents' specific information, including their names and room numbers.

Moving Into Alder Hall

Refer to the following resources when planning to move into Alder Hall for the fall quarter:

Building Namesake

Henry L. Alder

Henry L. Alder

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Born: 1922
Deceased: 2002

Professor Emeritus Henry Alder was a dedicated teacher at the University of California, Davis for more than 50 years. He was devoted to helping culturally disadvantaged students and served as chair of a minority undergraduate research program. He helped establish a national awards program for outstanding college mathematics instructors and endowed a fund to honor outstanding graduate student teaching in mathematics. Professor Alder was active in the Mathematical Association of America and held many leadership positions during his long career. He was known to always be fair to his students and colleagues and generous with his time. He was an outstanding teacher in the field of number theory and statistics. His interest in school mathematics resulted in his appointment to the California State Board of Education, the first mathematician and first UC faculty member to receive such an appointment. He demonstrated devotion to his students, his colleagues, and his profession.