Regan Hall

Regan Hall

Building Details

Regan Hall features the following:

  • Floors: 2 and 3 floors (there are three 2-floor buildings and four 3-floor buildings)
  • Building Occupancy: about 65 students per building; about 460 students total
  • Occupancy Type(s): single- and double-occupancy rooms
    • there are a total of 7 single rooms throughout Regan Hall's 7 buildings
  • Room Configuration(s): standard configuration and quad configuration
    • standard configuration: rooms are located directly off a main interior hallway
    • quad configuration: two rooms are paired with a shared living room; there are three quads - six double-occupancy rooms - in each 3-floor building; there are no quads in 2-floor buildings
  • Room Dimensions:
    • double-occupancy: approximately 14 feet x 13 feet, 7 inches or 12 feet, 6 inches x13 feet, 8 inches
    • single-occupancy: approximately half the size of double-occupancy rooms
  • Bathrooms: there is one large single-gender bathroom on each floor of each building; bathrooms alternate by floor between women and men
    • in some circumstances, residents will need to go up or down one floor to access a bathroom if the floor on which they live does not have a bathroom for the residents' gender
  • Laundry Facilities: there is a laundry room in each building; each laundry room has 2 washing machines and 2 dryers
  • Flooring Type(s): all bedrooms are carpeted
  • Bed Type(s): all rooms have extra-long (80 inch) twin beds except quad-configured bedrooms, which have regular-length (75 inch) twin beds
  • Computer Network Connection(s): wired and wireless
  • Cable TV Connection: Coaxial and IPTV
  • Landline Telephone Availability: not available
  • Mailbox Location: Segundo Services Center

Maps, Plans and Models

Aggie Abodes

Watch the following videos to see what living in Regan Hall is like.

Living-Learning Communities

2018-19: Native American Theme Program (in Campo)

2019-20: Global Engagement Opportunity (GEO) (in Rienda), Music, Arts, & Performance (MAP) (in Sereno) and Native American Theme Program (in Campo)

Moving Into Regan Hall

Refer to the following resources when planning to move into Regan Hall for the fall quarter: