Guide to Student Housing and Dining Services2022-23 Policies

V. Room and Unit Use Policies

1. Maintenance/Service Requests

We strive to ensure high quality facilities for our residents. We need your assistance to report maintenance right away. Service requests will be performed 7 days per week from 8am-5pm unless deemed an emergency (water, fire, smoke, personal safety) or with resident permission. When you submit a service request, you grant permission to enter your room, suite, and/or apartment and waive a 24-hour notice being given. Students should let their roommate(s) know if they have submitted a service request.

To submit a service request, please refer to your housing community below.


  • Non-emergency requests, or requests for maintenance inside one's room, please submit a service request online from the Service Request webpage or through the myHousing tile on myucdavis.
  • Emergency maintenance requests for the area's common spaces: call the Facilities Service Desk (M-F, 7am-4pm) or the Area Service Desk for After-Hours Support.


All maintenance requests for this community are managed by The Michaels Organization.

  • Non-emergency maintenance issues: Upon move in you will have access to The Green resident portal. This portal will be the way to inform TMO of any non-emergency issues.
  • Maintenance Emergency: During the day if you have a maintenance emergency, please call our office at 530.298.2050. After hours and on weekends please call your Community Assistant (CA).


  • Non-emergency maintenance issues: Residents may email with a request, or visit or call the office at 530-754-8455.
  • Maintenance Emergency: Call the office line at 530-754-8455. If after-hours, listen for the emergency extension to select when prompted.


  • Non-emergency maintenance issues: Submit a request through the myHousing tile on myucdavis.
  • Maintenance Emergency: Contact the Solano Park Office at 530-752-3958.

2. Alterations & Decorations

Large wall hangings must be treated with a flame retardant. Exterior room doors may not be more than 33% covered. Student Housing and Dining Services reserves the right to adjust this percentage and will notify residents if any change is made. Paper or plastic may not be used to cover any light or light fixture. Lighting fixtures, including holiday lights, may not be hung on any surface outside rooms or suites including windows and door. Decals and stickers may not be affixed to painted walls, windows, or other surfaces. Residents may not install their own locks on any doors. No room or unit may be painted. If painted, the resident will be billed for returning to its original condition.

3. Antennae & Satellite Dishes [Solano Park only]

This section applies strictly to residents at Solano Park. No other on-campus community has this option.

Requesting A Dish - Residents must request if installation of a satellite dish is possible. This should be submitted online.

  1. Equipment - Solano Park residents may not install their own dish or cabling system; it must be approved by the Solano Park Maintenance. The dish, mounting device, hardware, cable connectors, etc. are supplied by the cable provider to the resident. Student Housing reserves the right to require mounting hardware that we certify as safe.
  2. Placement - Dishes will be installed only in outdoor areas that are part of the resident's rented space and are under the exclusive use of the resident. Typically, this is on the balcony or railing. No dish will be installed on the roof, balcony gate, exterior wall, stairway, stair railing, stair landing or any area that is shared public space or part of the rented space of another resident. Cabling may not pass through the rented space of another resident or through shared public space.
  3. Installation - The satellite company will install the dish and cabling at Solano Park per Student Housing and Dining Services specifications.
  4. Arrangements must be made at the Solano Park office to have Maintenance meet with the installer to make sure he/she follows guidelines for installation. The cable will run from the dish, through the wall at the air conditioner and into the living room. Residents must provide a cable long enough for this routing, including enough length to reach the television wherever the resident places it. No holes will be drilled through walls or window screens to accommodate cable. Cable will not enter the apartment through the front door, sliding glass door, windows or around screens, since this will compromise safety and security.
  5. Removal - Solano Park residents are required to remove the dish and cabling system six weeks prior to vacating. Student Housing and Dining Services reserves the right to remove the dish and cabling system at any time should it be determined that a hazardous or unsafe condition exists. The resident assumes all costs associated with removal.
  6. Liability - Student Housing and Dining Services assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any damage to or problems with the television, dish, hardware, and/or cabling system that may result from installation either while the system is installed or during removal. The above regulations comply with the Federal Communications Commission Order FCC 98‑273, Section 7 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, to promote consumer choice and competition in the video programming distribution market.

4. Asbestos & Lead Paint

Asbestos‑containing building materials and lead paint are present in most apartments. However, these materials do not pose a health threat to residents unless the materials become damaged. Should there be a need for the removal of the asbestos; trained and certified contractors will do the work with the utmost precautions taken.

5. Exterior Electrical Service

Residents may not extend electrical power outside their room, suite, or apartment by extension cord or any other means. Decorative lights may only be installed indoors.

6. Family Housing Specifics [Solano Park and Primero Grove]

The information found in this section applies only to residents living in Solano Park and Primero Grove.

  1. Child Supervision - Parents and guardians are solely responsible for the supervision and safety of their dependents. Parents and guardians must provide appropriate supervision for dependents at all times, including in the common areas of the apartment community. Parents and guardians of small children are strongly encouraged to safeguard against circumstances that might result in a child falling out of a window. Keep furniture, step stools, and other items which children might climb on, away from windows.
  2. Household Status Changes - Student Housing and Dining Service must be notified of any change in household status, i.e. new child, separation, divorce, or marriage.
  3. Playgrounds - Parents are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children at all times; a responsible caregiver must provide active supervision to children while using the playgrounds or grassy areas.
  4. Play Structures & Toys - Outdoor toys i.e. play structures and bicycles must be marked with the resident's apartment number. Children's toys must be stored when not in use, out of respect for neighbors. Wading pools must be supervised by an adult at all times and emptied immediately after use for safety reasons.
  5. Tax Credits - Apartments on university‑owned land are exempt from California State Property Tax. Therefore, students living in these facilities are not eligible for renter's credit.

7. Utilities


All utilities are included with your housing fees.


Gas and Electric Service is provided by the student. Please remember to call Pacific Gas & Electric (800.743‑5000) to have electricity and gas service put into the leaseholder's name; assistance is also available in various languages. PG&E may not bill residents immediately, but residents are responsible for all charges accrued within their lease term.

8. Window Coverings

Window coverings are provided. These coverings are to be maintained by the resident, and failure to do so will result in damage charges billed to the resident's university account.