Guide to Student Housing and Dining Services2022-23 Policies

II. Your Housing Contract

1. Housing Payments

Payment information and the Fee schedule can be found online at:


Payments are made quarterly based on the following schedule:

  • Fall Quarter Housing Fees are due September 15
  • Winter Quarter Housing Fees are due December 15
  • Spring Quarter Housing Fees are due March 15


Payments are made monthly and are due from the 1st through the 15th of each month; postmark dates are not accepted in determining receipt of payment.

Late Payments: Rent payments not received by the fifteenth [15th] of the month are delinquent. Failure to pay rent by the deadline three or more times within the lease year that result in service of delinquent notices may result in students being ineligible for a lease renewal.

2. Roommates and Neighbors

Communication with your roommate(s) and neighbors goes a long way toward heading off potential problems and establishing understanding. Each person can expect their roommate and neighbors to have outlooks, traits, likes, dislikes, schedules, and lifestyles different than their own. Roommates are expected to fill out Roommate/Suitemate Agreement Forms at the start of the year and whenever someone new moves in. This provides you and your roommate(s) an opportunity to have a conversation about individual and shared needs and wants for the use of space and belongings.

Conflicts: If conflicts arise, students are encouraged to discuss issues directly with each other in an appropriate manner. Sometimes conflicts are difficult to resolve on your own and outside mediation may be needed. Please contact a CA or the Resident Director for your housing area to help address these situations. NOTE: Students are not released from their housing contact due to roommate conflict.

3. Room Transfers

A room transfer is the process of changing to a new room space. Typically, a room transfer is requested by a student via the myHousing Portal during the scheduled room transfer periods each quarter. Requests to transfer rooms are not guaranteed and are based on need, space available, and approval from Student Housing and Dining Services. Student Housing and Dining Services reserves the right to assign or reassign students to other apartments for pending disciplinary action or in order to make the most effective use of the available accommodations. Requests for room transfers because of personal safety concerns, i.e., physical or sexual assault will be honored whenever space is available. Transfer between housing types is not permitted. Additional details regarding the process for your community are below.

RESIDENCE HALLS: Moving within the residence halls is not difficult but there are some important procedures you must follow—failure to do so will result in administrative charges for an unauthorized move. Students may not move (even within suites) without following the proper procedure. Please refer to the online Student Housing and Dining Services calendar for specific room transfer dates.

  • Submit a room transfer request: If you wish to move to another room, you must submit a room transfer request via the myHousing Portal.
  • Meet with a Resident Director (RD) for approval: Contact the RD in your community. An RD must approve the room transfer request.
  • Room transfer options offered: Based on when you submitted your request, the preferences you listed, and the space available at the time, you will be contacted via email to review up to two room transfer options. Approved room transfer requests do not guarantee you will be offered a room transfer. Room transfers are only offered when available.
  • Review and accept offer: After reviewing the options provided, you can accept or decline. If you accept, you will be asked to provide your preferred check-in date. If you decline all options offered, you may be moved to the bottom of the room transfer request list.
  • Check in to new room: Our office will coordinate with you on the date to check in to your new room and move out of your old room. This must take place Monday through Friday during business hours to make sure staff are available to handle any access issues with your new room. You are expected to move out of your old room within 48 hours of checking in to your new room.

THE GREEN at WEST VILLAGE: Students interested in a room transfer should meet with a Resident Director (RD) for approval. Additional steps will be provided if the room transfer is approved.

PRIMERO GROVE and SOLANO PARK: Residents may have the opportunity to request an apartment transfer during the lease renewal process.

4. Welcoming New Roommates & Homesteading a Vacant Space

Residents with a vacancy within their room, suite, or apartment must be prepared to have a new roommate at any time. Residents are expected to be welcoming to prospective new roommates and should not discourage others from occupying a space. Students that discourage others from moving into vacant spaces may be relocated to a new room and/or referred for disciplinary action. Residents should not homestead the room, which includes spreading their belongings throughout the room and using furniture designated for the new resident. Residents found to be homesteading will be billed for costs required to make the contracted space available to a new resident. The minimum homesteading charge is $75.

PRIMERO GROVE and SOLANO PARK: Homesteading does not apply for residents at Primero Grove or Solano Park.

5. Inventory & Inspection

Residents are responsible for the condition of their room, suite, or apartment at all times. When moving in, residents should fill out an inventory form to document the condition of the assigned space. Upon moving out, this form will be used to determine charges for damages and cleaning beyond normal use and wear. Residents that do not complete an inventory form accept the space "as is." Damage caused by residents will be billed directly to the resident. If the damage is in a common area or shared room/space, the cost will be split between roommates unless the responsible person is identified. We expect residents to report damage and required maintenance as soon as possible. Residents will not be charged for repairs due to normal wear and use.

THE GREEN AT WEST VILLAGE: Submit within 7 days of moving in.

SOLANO PARK and PRIMERO GROVE: Submit within 72 hours of moving in.

6. Eligibility

To hold a contract or lease with Student Housing and Dining Services you must be a full-time registered student during fall, winter, and spring quarter/semesters at UC Davis. Specific eligibility requirements are defined in the contract and lease agreements. Residents should contact the Student Housing and Dining Services office to discuss options if they know their status as a student is changing. Student Housing and Dining Services staff will also reach out to residents that do not meet the eligibility requirements. Failure to meet the eligibility requirements may result in a requirement to move out of housing. Residents no longer eligible for housing have up to 72 hours to move out and are responsible for the room and board fees until they have moved out.

Exceptions to the eligibility requirements are made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Student Housing and Dining Services. Residents should contact the office via email to discuss options.

PRIMERO GROVE and SOLANO PARK: Following at least one quarter/semester of occupancy, the student is permitted to have one quarter of nonregistered status (excluding summers). Students must be registered for the quarter immediately following this period of nonregistered status.

7. Subleases

Subleasing is prohibited in the Residence Halls, The Green at West Village, and Primero Grove.

8. Housing Cancellation Policy

Each contract and lease provide detailed information about the cancellation policies including approved reasons for cancelling your contract prior to the end of your agreement. Please review your contract or lease for specific cancellation policies. Sample versions are available online: Residents with questions can contact the Student Housing and Dining Services office. Residents are responsible for any applicable room and board daily charges until the cancellation has been approved and all necessary steps have been completed.

9. Moving Out

Moving out involves cleaning your room, suite, and/or apartment and returning any issued keys to Student Housing and Dining Services. Residents are expected to remove all personal items, clean and vacuum the space, and empty trash in appropriate receptacle. New students assigned to the space have a right to a clean and properly furnished space. Charges will apply for any cleaning or damage.

More details about moving out can be found here:

10. Fees

The following grid identifies the fees assessed by location.

Fee Type Residence Halls The Green at West Village Primero Grove Solano Park
Lockout (after 4th lockout) $50 $50 $50 $50
Lock Change n/a $50 $50 $50
Mailbox Lock Change n/a $50 $50 $50
Replacement Access Card/Fob n/a $50    
Cleaning Fee (upon vacating) $35/hr see Contract $30/hr $30/hr
Damage Charges Actual Cost of Damage Actual Cost of Damage Actual Cost of Damage Actual Cost of Damage
Homestead $75 $75 n/a n/a
Improper Move Out $75 $75 $75 $75
Improper Room Transfer/Swap $75 $75 n/a n/a
Failure to Move Out $75 $75 n/a n/a
Room Transfer n/a $250 n/a n/a
Failure to Set Up Utilities n/a n/a $25 $25
Late Key/Card Return $25 n/a n/a n/a
Late Payment $75 $75 $50 $50