Residence Hall Area

Map of the Cuarto Area

Three residence halls and the Cuarto Dining Commons make up the Cuarto Area, which is arranged about Oxford Circle. Located one block northwest of the Segundo Area and the northwest corner of campus, Cuarto is home to approximately 1,000 students. All three Cuarto residence halls are designed around private outdoor courtyards, two of which feature swimming pools. Cuarto is the only residence hall area with swimming pools.

All of Cuarto's rooms are organized into suites, with two- to four bedrooms arranged about a central, shared living room and bathroom.

Residence Halls

Emerson Hall

Emerson Hall

Tahoe Hall

Thoreau Hall

Yosemite Hall

Yosemite Hall

Yosemite Hall (formerly Webster Hall) Redevelopment Project

Webster Hall closed after spring quarter 2017. The Webster Hall Redevelopment Project broke ground during summer 2017 and is scheduled to be completed in summer 2019. The newly redeveloped Yosemite Hall will open for fall quarter 2019.

Visit the Webster Hall Redevelopment webpage for more information about the project.

Emerson Hall Redevelopment Project

Emerson Hall will close after spring quarter 2019. The Emerson Hall Redevelopment Project will break ground during summer 2019 and is scheduled to be completed in summer 2021. The newly redeveloped Emerson Hall will open for fall quarter 2021.


The Cuarto Dining Commons is located in between Emerson Hall and Webster Hall, on the east side of Oxford Circle. Cuarto DC is open to all residence hall students and is open during the same meal periods as Segundo DC and Tercero DC. Cuarto residents typically eat breakfast and dinner at the Cuarto DC; some residents also eat lunch at Cuarto DC while others eat at the Segundo DC or Tercero DC, or another campus dining location, based upon where their classes are at midday.

Next door to the Cuarto DC is the Cuarto Market, the Cuarto Area's convenience store. Residents can purchase drinks, snacks and more at Cuarto Market throughout the day and evening.


Cuarto offers the following services: an Area Service Desk, Academic Advising, Peer Advising, and a computer center. Each of these services are located on the first floor of Thoreau Hall with the exception of the Computer Center, which is on the first floor of Emerson Hall and is accessed from the west interior courtyard of the building ("grass side").

Advantages to Living in Cuarto

Cannot decide which housing area is best? Remember that all housing areas are equitable and complete with everything a resident needs for growth and success. Then review the following list to see which features help differentiate Cuarto from the other housing areas.

  • On-site swimming pools and spas
  • The only secure (fenced and gated) bike parking lot in the residence halls is located at Thoreau Hall
  • Private outdoor courtyards
  • Close proximity to campus, and even closer proximity to community shopping
  • The Activities and Recreation Center (The ARC) and the Recreation Pool are a short bike ride away