Frequently Asked Questions - Moving Into The Residence Halls

Fall Quarter 2022

Check-in Stations and Check-in Times

When do I move in?

Check in dates and times are by appointment only. Students will schedule their move in appointments through the myHousing Portal once they receive their room assignment via email. Residence hall move-in appointments will be available from Tuesday, September 13–Thursday, September 15. Please arrive during your check-in appointment time.

Students who cannot move in during their scheduled appointment need to contact Student Housing and Dining Services by email. Check-in will be done by move-in appointment only.

If students need accommodations, or if their check-in day conflicts with the observance of religious holidays, they are encouraged to contact the Student Housing and Dining Services office at 530-752-2033.

Students should contact Student Housing and Dining Services if they plan to arrive after their check-in day to schedule a late move-in appointment. Keep in mind that the contract begins on the date the room is available, regardless of when they arrive. Students should also inform their roommate(s) if they will arrive late.

Will I need a parking permit for Move-In?

Parking is being sponsored by UC Davis Transportation Services during move-in and a parking permit will not be required during move-in hours. However, you will need to get a special 30 minute unloading pass to park in specially-designated unloading zones. Passes are free and will be handed out on site.

Those who need to park after move-in hours will need to pay for parking.

How can I get a hand truck or rolling cart?

A limited number of hand trucks and rolling carts are available in each residence hall area on a first-come, first-served basis. Hand trucks will be available in residence hall lobbies; rolling carts will be available at the Cuarto, Segundo and Tercero Area Service Desk lobby areas. Check the residence hall move-in maps for specific locations.

Rolling carts may be checked out, free of charge, by presenting a valid ID (Aggie Card, driver's license or some form of photo ID) to staff at rolling cart checkout stations. Please be sure to return rolling carts back to the designated station to avoid being charged $200+ for a rolling cart.

Can I recycle my cardboard and polystyrene moving and packing materials?

Absolutely! Look for the nearest Recycling Station to recycle cardboard and polystyrene (Styrofoam). Locations will be clearly marked with a "Recycle Station" sign.

Room Information

Something is not clean, broken/does not work and/or is missing from my room. How can I get this taken care of?

Please report all room damage, missing items, and unclean areas via the Service Request link of the Student Housing and Dining Services website.

If the problem poses a security risk, is actively causing property damage or is a life-safety hazard, please call the Facilities Service Desk immediately at 530-752-8200 during business hours, or your on-call CA after hours.

This service request system is active all year. The Facilities Service Desk will be staffed during move-in days from 8 5 p.m.

We pride ourselves on responding quickly to resident service requests and will be fully staffed during move-in to assist in every way possible. We can usually respond the same day and strive for 100 percent response within two working days.

What type of cleaning service is provided?

Student Housing and Dining Services provides full custodial services for all public areas seven days a week. This includes all community bathrooms. However, residents are responsible for keeping their rooms clean. Cleaning supplies, including vacuum cleaners and trash bags are available at the Area Service Desks. Residents may borrow vacuum cleaners from their community advisors (CAs). Cuarto residents can get toilet paper at the Cuarto Area Service Desk.

What if I want to move my furniture or bunk my bed?

Students may rearrange their furniture to fit their preferences. Please remember, before moving out, all furniture must be returned to its original arrangement. However, beds may not be reconfigured (bunked or lofted). For more information about furniture, including requesting bed reconfiguration, see Residence Halls Furniture.

Internet, Television and Printing

When are the campus computer labs available?

Campus computer labs are available at various hours. Check the IET Computer Room Availability webpage for up-to-date availability.

Is wireless internet access available?

Wireless network access is available in the residence halls and areas listed below as well as other campus locations, such as the Memorial Union, Shields Library and others. All residence halls provide access to eduroam wireless. Residents can learn more about eduroam by visiting

Locations of wireless internet:

  • All Residential Academic Centers (Segundo, Tercero, Cuarto)
  • All residence halls (Segundo, Tercero, Cuarto)
  • Segundo Services Center
  • Tercero Services Center – first floor Main Lounge

How do I log into eduroam?

A Kerberos login ID and passphrase are required to connect to eduroam. Your eduroam login is your UC Davis login (Kerberos) ID plus "" (Please note that this may not necessarily be the same as your UC Davis email address.)

Do I need to register my computer? If so, how do I register it?

If you are going to use the eduroam wireless service in your room or hall, you are not required to register your computer. Simply select eduroam as the wireless service you wish to use and log in; eduroam is not available in all areas.

If you do not have wireless capability on your computer or are in an area that does not provide eduroam—or you prefer wired network access—you will need to use the wired ResNet network. To use ResNet, you must register your computer online at To learn more about computer requirements for connecting to the ResNet network, go to

Is cable TV available? Where can I get a cable for my TV?

Cable TV is activated in all residence halls.

Most buildings can connect to cable using a coaxial cable; however, Cottonwood, Madrone, and Redwood connect to cable wirelessly using XFINITY on Campus. Student Housing and Dining Services does not provide cables.

Visit the Cable Television webpage for channel guides and additional information on connecting to XFINITY on Campus.

Where can I get an ethernet cable, video coaxial cables, bike locks and other back-to-school items?

The UC Davis Stores in the Memorial Union will be selling these items. The Memorial Union store will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. Many stores in the Davis area also carry these items.

Note: a cat5 cable is recommended for connecting your computer to the wired ResNet network.

Are printers available?

Yes, wireless printers are available in all three residence hall areas, as well as in other campus locations. Refer to the Printing webpage for printing information, including printer locations, hours and instructions.

Building Information

Are there elevators in the buildings?

There are elevators in most, but not all, of the buildings. Specifically:

  • Segundo: Elevators are located in the Segundo Services Center and Alder, Miller, Thompson, Bixby, Gilmore, Malcolm and Ryerson Halls. There are no elevators in the Regan Hall buildings.
  • Tercero: Elevators are located in the Tercero Services Center and all Tercero residence hall buildings.
  • Cuarto: Elevators are located in the Cuarto dining commons and all Cuarto residence hall buildings.

When can I start receiving mail?

Regular mail, including packages, will start being accepted Monday, September 12. Area mailrooms will not be open to receive mail or packages until Monday, September 12. Please do not send any mail or packages prior to September 12 or they may be returned to sender.

Mail and packages received during move-in week will be accepted, but will not be processed until the following week. Once, processed, residents who received mail or packages will receive emails notifying them that their mail or package is ready to be picked up at the Area Service Desk. Residents need to bring their AggieCard for indentification when picking up mail or packages.

Mailbox locations:

  • Segundo: All mailboxes are located on the first floor of the Segundo Services Center.
  • Tercero: All mailboxes are located on the first floor of the Tercero Services Center building across from the Area Service Desk.
  • Cuarto: All mailboxes are located on the first floor in Yosemite Hall, next to the Area Service Desk.

Are there laundry facilities?

There is at least one laundry room located in each building. Check the Laundry Facilities webpage for more information.

What happens if my AggieCard does not allow me to access my building?

All building and room access problems should be reported to the Area Service Desk.


  • Alder, Thompson or Miller residents should use the secondary access reader on the wall immediately to the left of the main entry door.
  • Kearney, Laben, Wall, Campbell, and Potter residents should use the secondary access reader located near the main access reader.
  • All other residents should go to the Area Service Desk for assistance.

Class Schedules and Academic Support

Who can help me (or my student) with classes and other academic support questions?

Academic Peer Mentors are current students who meet one-on-one with first-year students to answer academic questions, share experiences and offer suggestions regarding academics at UC Davis. All students are matched with an academic peer mentor. Be on the lookout for an email from your peer mentor who you will meet during the first week of classes. Peer mentors can meet in person or remotely.

Academic Peer Mentors Schedules:

The professional academic staff is also available remotely to meet with students remotely or in person for general academic questions.

There is a Residential Academic Center (RAC) in each living area. The RACs are available for studying Monday – Thursday from 1–8:30 p.m. and on Friday from 12–2 p.m.

  • The Segundo RAC is in the Segundo Services Center
  • The Tercero RAC is in the Tercero Services Center
  • The Cuarto RAC is in Shata Hall
  • Contact for more information

Tutoring in common first year subjects such as math, chemistry, and writing is available in the RACs M-Th from 6pm -9pm. See the tutoring schedule on the Residential Academic Centers webpage for the days each subject is offered.

For important academic information such as course registration pass times, course add/drop deadlines, and quarterly instructional dates, visit

Meals/Dining Commons

Can you please tell me about dining during move-in?

To begin the quarter, all meals at the dining commons are available for dine-in only. Students will swipe into the dining commons using their AggieCard to use their meal plan for entry. Families/guests may purchase a meal at the dining commons during move-in. The price is $10 per meal.

What are the dining commons hours during move-in?

Segundo, Tercero and Cuarto DCs will feature special hours during Moove-In, Tuesday, September 13–Thursday, September 15. Those hours are:

  • Tuesday–Thursday: 8 a.m.–8 p.m.

What are the dining commons hours during Orientation?

Segundo, Tercero and Cuarto DCs will feature special hours during Orientation, Friday, September 16–Monday, September 19. Those hours are:

  • Breakfast: 7–9 a.m.
  • Lunch: Closed
  • Dinner: Closed

Check out the Orientation Meals webpage for additional information about our Orientation dining program.

What are the academic year dining commons hours?

Segundo, Tercero and Cuarto DCs are open the following hours during the academic year:

  • Monday–Friday: 7 a.m.–10 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m.–2 p.m. and 5–8 p.m.
  • Sunday: 9 a.m.–2 p.m. and 5–8 p.m.

When can I change my meal plan?

Make changes to your meal plan, if necessary, during scheduled meal plan change periods (refer to the Calendar for meal change period schedules).

Where can I buy a soft drink or water?

Soft drinks can be purchased in vending machines in the following locations. All vending machines are located on the first floor. Filtered water bottle filling stations are located throughout all of the housing areas.

  • Segundo Area — Alder, Thompson and Miller Halls
  • Tercero Area — Kearney, Laben, Wall, Campbell and Potter Halls
  • Cuarto Area — Tahoe and Yosemite

Drinks and snacks are also available at:

  • Segundo Market — next to the Segundo Services Center
  • Tercero Market — next to the Tercero Services Center
  • Cuarto Market — next to the Cuarto Dining Commons

Housing Payments

How much do I owe and what are the payment dates for my Student Housing and Dining Services account?

Fall quarter payments are due by October 15. You may view your student account online at If you have questions regarding your housing fees, please contact Student Housing and Dining Services by email.

Outside Departments

Where can I get my AggieCard?

For AggieCard information, visit

The following is a sampling of other campus departments you may need to contact on or after move-in day.

Bike Barn

UC Davis Stores - Memorial Union

Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)

  • The ARC is located on the west side of Visitor Parking Lot 25, next to the Pavilion, the Segundo Area and the baseball field.

Cashier's Office

Student Health and Wellness Center

  • The Student Health and Wellness Center is located on La Rue Road between Hutchison Drive and Orchard Road, across the street from the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) and next to The Colleges at La Rue.

Financial Aid Office

Transportation Services (TS)

  • TS is located immediately north of the West Entry Parking Structure (WEPS), next to the police and fire departments

Where do I pick up the textbooks I ordered?

Students will be emailed when orders are ready. The location will be included in the email.

Where do I pick up the computer I ordered from UC Davis Stores?

Pick up your computer at the Tech Hub in the Campus Store (located inside the Memorial Union).

How do I register my bike?

All bikes on the UC Davis campus must have a current California bicycle license. Bike licenses are available through Transportation Services.

Transportation Services will have staff on site at all three residence hall areas, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., on all four move-in days (September 13-16). In Segundo and Tercero, they will be providing bicycle "pre-registration" services, as well as information about bicycle safety, including wearing helmets. In Segundo, their tent will be on the lawn next to the Segundo Services Center. In Tercero, their tent will be on the lawn next to the Tercero Services Center. In Cuarto, they'll be helping people with the double decker bike racks, as well as providing information about the bicycle registration requirement.

Campus and Local Information

How can I get the address of a friend who is living on campus?

You will need to ask your friend. Student Housing and Dining Services does not release this information without the consent of the students.

Where can I get a campus map?

The campus map is available online.

Is the Student Housing and Dining Services office open during move in?

Yes. Housing staff will be available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to answer questions you may have about your housing contract or room assignment. Staff will also be available to answer questions about your housing account.

Where can I find information about local restaurants and stores?

Visit the Davis Chamber of Commerce website for more information. The DavisWiki is also a popular website for local information.

Additional Residence Hall Move-In Resources